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    I have played this game for quite a while and was looking for a group of players that I could play with.

    I would also like the alliance to have some experience/know how to play the game. It is frustrating when you watch your teammates charge forts with unknown troops in them or simply do not work as a team.

    I'm English speaking and play casually/seriously<3

    Looking forward to replies!

    ^Just to show how unclear the icon ordering can be

    When they correct some of the issues with the new UI I think it will be great. So far Ive only played 1 day with the new UI, but when I switched back to Legacy mode it felt old. I think the new website makes it much easier to look at competitive stats/alliances etc. which is a great things, as this game is built around the community. Furthermore, itll help alot when this game gets introduced on mobile and on steam (which I think will bring quite a few new players/fresh meat).

    The game has to be competitive but easy to use. It is a strategy game. If the new UI puts you at a disadvantage in comparison to the old UI you are gonna have problems (viewing troops etc.). So once I think those things are fixed itll be great.