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    You can select multiple provinces on mobile as well. On the map, select a province, then tap&hold the next for 3 seconds. Continue to add provinces to the group until you have all the ones you need. You can give mass rally point, construction, and production orders that way. Mass espionage (like assigning groups of defensive spies) is not an option.

    Love the "winner takes all" approach.

    I'd like to see a 1 day AI peace period and whatever the maximum player peace period is. It would be interesting to see how development is handled if immediately taking territory isn't an option, but I'm not committed to that.

    Please sign me up, Walrus_3d

    The mechanic isn't "25% of damage" dealt, it's "25% of att/def strength used to calculate whether damage is incurred." If damage is dealt, it's dealt in full hit points, not 1/4 hit points. They need to either fix the coding so it's actually 25% of the damage, or correct the phrasing of the description. I vote they make it 25% of damage.

    A better correction would be if fighter patrol reverted to the original, i.e., only attacking enemy aircraft, and bomber patrol was the one that interacted with ground units. There's no reason for a fighter on patrol to attempt to attack ground units, just like there's no reason for a bomber on patrol to attempt to attack other air units.

    On a side note, unless I'm wildly mistaken, fighters have always been at risk for damage from enemy ground units while patrolling, but the incidence of damage taken was much, much lower. Like 24-28 hours before any real risk of losing the fighter was incurred.

    So like a unit could become like a cavalry after so many successufl battles or like a medic so they heal themselves or something

    Ignoring the complexity and frustration of managing your own units through combat, veterancy, and spontaneous transformation from one unit type to another, imagine managing a battle against an enemy who's doing the same thing.

    Your 10 green infantry defending a fortress against an approaching 10 infantry that suddenly becomes 3 cavalry and 3 armored cars halfway to the fortress, because they survived the bomber you were hoping would weaken them... It's too much.

    I would refute the concept that any planes swimming can detect subs, fighters must be patrolling in air to detect subs I have not tested this but would say it is not possible if fighter is "swimming on water"

    I've experienced this. Was transiting a fighter from England to Greenland and detected a sub in the water south of Iceland.

    Detection also works during an attack, so you can reveal troops in a fortress by attacking it directly with fighters.

    When the end of game timer lines up with day change, the final score is the one that counts. In a 90 day match, it's the day 91 score. If the win is based on control points, it's the last score calculated on the day the timer runs out, so if the timer expires 12 hours into day 47, the score calculated at the beginning of day 47 is what's used.

    The actual score calculation is based on provinces, province morale, and upgrades constructed. The formula is in other threads in the forums and on discord.

    I can't imagine a loans scenario that wouldn't be abused, wherein players who are losing taking out massive loans, building up a massive army, then all out attacking. If it doesn't work, they just quit and leave the debt to the AI.

    Loans between players, I don't think, are a helpful mechanic, either. You give a massive loan to an ally, they betray and eliminate you, wiping out their debt in the process. That alone would be another tactic for multis and other cheaters.

    Seems unnecessarily complicated to create and monitor that kind of activity.

    Nukes are just completely out. Total anachronism, I play WWI so nukes aren't an option. I would rather play in the days of sail than the nuclear age.

    I had an odd experience I thought I'd share from a Dominion map.

    At war across a river with another player, my fighter reveals 3 submarines. I attack them, because that's what you do with submarines.

    Later, I realize I'm at war with the Ottoman Garrison, because the 3 submarines belong to them, not to the nation I was fighting.

    Less concerned about my lack of attention that led to attacking neutral submarines, and more concerned about the fact that an AI with no harbours had 3 submarines in the first place.

    Does Ottoman Garrison start the Dominion map with submarines? First heard, if so.