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    Hey ladies and gets,

    quick idea from the esteemed beloved by all and anointed by the holy Spaghetti Monster Emperor Ischmalud.

    Simply put why cant I leave a little note within my client on a players profile.

    Seeing how we have encountered situations now where a 5man coal of engaged players could not fight off a single seems there might be another solution. You want your whales to rape noobs so you can make money....fine I get it you need to make money.

    But how about this - you offer a game mod for HC players where there is a GM cap for maybe 50k. In this case you still made money since all the people in there at least spent money on HC and if the GM ceiling is reasonable (thats an important point) I would be willing to bet just about everyone on that map would spent that to ensure they are on lvl playing field. - you guys made money - which is totally fine this is a business so all this BS about everything should be completely free and whatnot is childish, but in such a situation people would almost pay for the privilege for not having to deal with spastoids that stole their parents credit card.

    Anyway just a thought, would not be that hard to setup I'm sure and at least worth testing?

    Be well and have a healthy bowl of pasta

    The esteemed, beloved by all and anointed by the Holy Spagetthi Monster

    Emperor Ischmalud