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    Also, what is the amount of lumber I should buy in order to overcome shortage? I should do it every day? What is the appropriate moment of the day to do so?

    Hover over the tree. It should be written to you in how many hours your supply of wood will run out. Buy the resource when you leave the game about your business, for example, sleep. This should be done so that at night your country does not suffer from a shortage of wood, otherwise a loss of fighting spirit will begin, which is not good

    I repeat; you can cover the cost of buying wood by selling other resources. In one of the matches I had no coal at all. I was selling grain and using the money I received to buy coal. This is how I solved my problem. I hope I described everything in detail and clearly

    I've been playing for over a year now, but in all my gaming practice, I have never made peace with bots. They say it is possible. You change diplomatic status with the bot from war to peace and wait for the bot to calm down and do the same. I couldn't do it, so maybe it's a rumor

    Buying a resource for silver. If there is no silver, then you can play on the exchange: sell the resource that you have in abundance at a bargain price on the exchange. Use the proceeds to buy the resource you need. You can also exchange resources with your allies / neutral countries. Players quite often agree to such exchanges.

    You can reduce the consumption of steel in the "resources" section, then the production of timber should increase. In addition, buildings are used to produce resources. For example, a railway gives an increase in the production of the resource in which it is built. It's the same with factories ...

    He patrolled first. This gives a huge advantage

    The first to achieve air superiority wins. Once I also faced this problem and did not know why my fighters were so worthless and could not defeat anyone. But then my companions explained to me

    Yes, you can only play with bots. To do this, you need to create a private match with a password. Only you will know the password, which means that the players will not come to you and you will be all alone, playing with bots

    Only those players who are playing for the first time have 20 infantry units in the region. Moreover, newcomers have 1 artillery squad. 10 infantry squads in the region only have players who have already played 2 or more matches