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    Some really interesting changes here! I think I like the direction that you are going in. I do think the damage was maybe adjusted a bit to low making combat last a long time, but I need to play a bit more.

    Also something I noticed on a new map of Empires at War, why does France not start with any double Fabric provinces? I think all nations are supposed to start with at least one double resource province of each type.

    What I like about this change is that it makes it very easy to see exactly which provinces have a chance of rebelling at day change (not just the provinces that have low morale, but the ones that could actively revolt). I don't mind if they change the visual or make it a setting to display. I just don't want to lose this view into which provinces need additional troops to avoid a revolt.

    I agree with an option for turning this on or off, however I do not want to see it merged with the Morale view. I like being able to see which provinces have a chance of revolting at day change in the regular view. It is similar to the smoke stacks in CoW and makes knowing where to keep troops to suppress uprisings easy (even if it drives me crazy when there is red everywhere!).

    I won't speak to the City/Province names, I'm not familiar with them and would need to look them up.

    However, I can assume that they separated out Finland from Russia to allow for a neutral nation between Sweden and Russia, giving players a way to expand without directly being at war with another player.

    They also did this to several French and UK possessions.

    France lost French Equatorial Africa, French Morocco, and French Tunisia on top of completely losing their colony French Indochina which became another playable power. The loss of French Indochina hurts for some reason. I really feel it should be French, and that Siam should be a playable nation since it was never colonized and had a GDP at the time roughly equal to Portugal.

    The UK lost North Borneo, Brunei, the Maledives, and Uganda, Oman, and some others as neutral nations as well. And then of course South Africa and Egypt are playable nations.

    It's my hope that we will one day get a 1914 Historical Map (similar to 1939 Historical Map in CoW) where the major powers will start with all colonies and historical armies/navies. But this map was made to have some form of balance for players and incorporate areas of expansion at the expense of some of the colonial empires. We should be happy that they still made Russia, France, and the UK extremely strong nations even if they stripped them of some territories.

    I agree with the though that each country has it's strengths and weaknesses. I played my first round of Fall of Empires as the UK and found it both fun but challenging. You end up at war with 5+ countries fairly fast. And you have a lot of ground to defend and build up. I ended up capturing a decent amount of territory from countries who attacked me. Which lead to a high expansion penalty and had to spend several days and lots of resources building up morale and unable to expand anymore.

    I think the UK is fine as it is. It's rewarding but hard to play as and defend.

    I'd like to talk about morale in S1. In general I like how morale works in the early to mid game. All of the buildings having an affect on raising morale, and having the Propaganda office to help offset morale in newly conquered provinces. As you expand you need to put effort and thought into raising newly conquered territory as well as building and upgrading on the home front to keep morale high. However, by late game I constantly run into a major problem with morale, and it frankly becomes an exhausting grind to keep my morale up. To the point where I feel like I am playing the game of morale management and not a war game.

    My issue is that at some point, the expansion penalty catches up to me and gets so high that it becomes unruly (usually around the -110 mark). Then once my provinces fall to a low morale (or newly captured provinces) it seems almost impossible to raise them again. It takes days to build new buildings, with the build penalty on low morale provinces. And i need to get them to a point where they have at least a +100 affect on morale to off set the penalty. Not including other penalties (neighbors, waring neighbors). To me it seems the expansion penalty is too high or the build penalty to high. I'm at the point now where i'm considering abandoning territory and just huddling in urban provinces until I can get this under control.

    Now, I obviously haven't perfected my morale management strategy yet, so I am willing to say I could be handling things better. In general I try to keep my core area high (above 150ish) and then try and get newly conquered areas to 100. I focus on trying to get the urban centers high by building propaganda offices and factories/etc for the morale boost. In double resource provinces I try and up them with Instructor and as needed propaganda offices.

    Am I the only one finding morale management so difficult? How do other players manage the morale of their provinces, especially once you start getting large and have to manage a large penalty across all of your territories. Is there some guide on the meta that I should be following to manage morale?