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    Been at war with another country. We made peace. I checked none of my units have fire status set to Aggressive. Come back 10 minutes later - some of my units have opened fire so war broken out. I have made peace three times in the last few hours - but 10/15 minutes later war breaks out with the journal saying it is my army opening fire. I have set what few armies I have to only fire if fired upon and yet it happened again.

    Current battle - fight a naval force of 2 Dreadnoughts with a designation of XX47 Early this afternoon, destroy the flotilla. Newspaper reports it destroyed. 15 minutes later, a flotilla of 2 Dreadnoughts with the same designation of XX47 appears in the same place where we were fighting the previous one. How is this possible? Surely if we have destroyed the flotilla XX47 it cannot reappear?

    Thanks for the quick answer; I am playing this game in the Entente - facing Armentieres. I was attacked so had to respond. I captured Armentieres but stopping there does not make strategic sense - it is exposed and hard to defend - makes more strategic sense to push onto the river east of Armentieres that borders Verlingham and Prairie des Willemots. You then have an easily guarded frontline using the river. BUT I have now captured an additional 11 provinces and my expansion factor is up to 66. I think the morale factor adds a real challenging dimension to the game - I have no problem managing it in the other scenarios, but in FF I think it is still too punitive. Morale in my starting provinces are showing a downward trend and that really doesn't make any realistic sense - my citoyens should be out celebrating in the streets because they have been delivered from the invading 49th Imperial Reserve - instead they appear to be getting more and more demoralised and production in the factories is declining. :(

    Flanders Front is a whole different animal. This map is hard, and it's designed to be that way. A lot of effort will have to go into managing the many aspects of these matches, morale just being one.

    Morale Management in Flanders Front verges on the impossible. I am on day 6 of a game at the moment - morale down to 23%. I have lvl 1 Propaganda offices in all provinces; some I have managed to upgrade to lvl 2 and add additional buildings like Infrastructure and Railroads. I also have garrisons in each of the provinces.

    My expansion factor is -66 and resource production has halved over the 6 days. I stopped my advance 24 hours ago, just to try and build up morale but classic catch 22 - if morale is low, building speed is very slow and resource production to fund new buildings is also very low.

    In a previous game I did manage morale but only by not moving for the first 5 or 6 days, and building all the home provinces up to lvl 2 Propaganda. If that is the only way to manage morale then it makes the game tedious in the extreme - as CoolCat35 said in his post - "an exhausting grind"