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    A few days ago, I figured out that some symbols which look like greek letters occured over the capitals of many countries. I've seen the following: Ο, ΟΟ, ΟΔ, Δ. Just for the record, I've set game's language to greek. What the hell is this stuff?

    Thank you but still I don't get how I lose points. As I said before, there are no shortages, all my provinces have 100% morale, production is increasing to the majority of resources, I have factories almost everywhere, railroads, harbor etc. It makes no sense.

    I'd appreciate it if someone could explain to me how daily ranking works exactly. I' ve just realized that despite infastructure upgrades and military production, there are some days that my ranking remains stable or even worse, decreases a few points. At the same time, a friend of mine who is not that active in terms of upgrades has better ranking than me. Why is that? Just for the record, there are no shortages and generally speaking I handle economy very well.

    You were both very clear. Understood. Buying ang selling in stock market to cover shortage is the key. The thing is that you have to reserve money to make upgrades (infastructure and military). So, you have to find a balance between those two. Just for the record, which factor wheighs more negatively on ranking? Having a shortage in resources or making upgrades at a very slow pace?

    If you leave 6 units in a province that has a danger of revolts, you should be entirely safe since the last update. If their morale isn't horrible itself, the province will be out of danger after the day change.

    After that, it's really just the way it is with all other provinces. The most important thing is that all resource demands are met - if that's not the case you'll never get the morale up no matter what you build. If needs are satisfied, you are not in a bazillion wars and the province is not a ridiculously long way away from your capital, morale will rise. It doesn't happen very fast but steadily and there's absolutely no reason you would have to suppress revolts for days in the same places unless there's major detrimental factors to morale.

    For this reason I personally consider building fortresses for morale boost a major waste of iron, as morale in your "mainland" will eventually reach 100% under normal conditions with or without any upgrades and even further away acquired territories will see their morale creep up to acceptable levels at some point in most cases. I'd say harbours and railways are preferable as they provide additional benefits to boosting morale that a fortress somewhere in the hinterland with no strategical purpose does not. That's personal preference however, you mileage may vary.

    Bottom line is that if your provinces are revolting for days, something is wrong with your handling of them. Keep a reasonable garrison for the first day change to prevent an immediate revolt, have all resource demands met and this shouldn't be an issue anymore.

    Understood. I totally agree with your approach on infastructure building. Railways and harbours are strategically more preferable in comparison with fortressses, at least from an economic point of view. I'm going to test its benefits.

    Oh boy, I didn't expect such a controversy here!

    Anyway, I've made my conclusions. I still feel that it's impossible to make peace with AI. I have never achieved it and as I see I'm not the only one. Even if you change the relation status to peace.

    The only occasion I came close to it, was when my enemy suddenly stopped counter-attacks at some point. Maybe because he was weaker and I had the advantage. But we were still at war. So, technically peace never achieved.

    I believe that the game needs to be improved in this part. Anyway, who knows? Maybe some day our dreams will come true!

    So what you basically want is for another sovereign country to just suck it up as you invade their territory, murder their men-at-arms and force your reign upon its citizens and leave you alone? Would you do that?

    It should technically be possible to achieve peace agian, but from what I hear and consider plausible your chances depend on your reputation with AI in general. Given that you've just invaded somebody, that reputation has recently taken a hit. Your basic approach would be to set the relation to peace and pray to god there's no more fighting for long enough for you to better your reputation and them to consider peace as well.

    Hasn't worked for me.

    Your opinion is grounded to logic and I have to admit that it's fair enough. This is how things work in real life but not fool ourselves. This has nothing to do with reality, it's a game. Let me ask you something. How many times have you achieved to make a deal with AI (e.g resources trade)? Because this is the only way to handle the situation peacefully, with no invasions etc. In my experience this has never happened, no matter how hard I tried. I hardly make deals with real players! So, for what kind of reputation are you talking about? Invasion is inevitable. Especially in games where the majority of players are inactive and you're surrounded by bots the situation is chaotic. Anyway, each player has its own style of course and he's free to have a more moderate approach to relations with AI players.

    Let's assume your goal is to conquer a specific province of your AI neighbor so as to exploit its resources. As soon as you conquer it you want to end war because it's not on your interest to conquer the entire country but this sole province.

    However, the typical response of the AI player is not only trying to re-capture the province, but conquer your hole country and destroy all your units. It is very annoying becauce except for spending resourses and manpower for an useless war, it affects negatively provinces morale which in advance hurts production.

    So, here's my question. Is it possible to avoid this stupid behavior? To put it simple, is there a way to make peace with AI bots after a war declaration?

    Buying a resource for silver. If there is no silver, then you can play on the exchange: sell the resource that you have in abundance at a bargain price on the exchange. Use the proceeds to buy the resource you need. You can also exchange resources with your allies / neutral countries. Players quite often agree to such exchanges.

    You can reduce the consumption of steel in the "resources" section, then the production of timber should increase. In addition, buildings are used to produce resources. For example, a railway gives an increase in the production of the resource in which it is built. It's the same with factories ...

    Really useful information. But here's my problem. It's impossible to increase lumber growth rate. I reduce steel growth rate but I still get a negative number.

    Also, what is the amount of lumber I should buy in order to overcome shortage? I should do it every day? What is the appropriate moment of the day to do so?

    I see, infastructure upgrade is the only way. However, this requires a lot of time and resources of course. Until that point, I will have to be able to supress rebellions and at the same time to defend against the counter-attacks of the enemy because it's 100% certain that they're gonna try re-capture their lost province. So, What should I do during upgrades? Establishing a strong military power in the area is the only thing that comes to my mind. Is there something else I can do?

    Hey generals,

    As a beginner, I struggle to increase morale in provinces I' ve just conquered. Except for recapturing them or using goldmark, is there any other way to do so? The obvious solution is to build forts, factories, new capital in a close distance etc. But this does not help because morale is raising very slowly and as a result there's always a high risk of revolts. Any help would be appreciated.