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    hoping this is the right place to place a commentary about this new interface,

    Well the first word that comes to mind his horrible, I feel like maybe its not understood what the appeal of this

    game is, which is fluidity of game play and simplicity of the graphics which makes it easy to focus on the strategy of the game play itself. I get that some one obviously feels like they need to compete with graphic

    driven RTS's but first Id say your not really gonna be doing that with these revisions, these graphics are not going to compete with Graphic driven RTS's all they do is make it confusing to tell what is going were and convoluted the interface

    for moving units. The entire appeal of this game lies in its simplicity to see were everything is and where its moving.
    This feels very similar to what Westwood studios did with the Red Alert series when they chose to push graphics over

    game fluidity or the utter failure of Total War Rome II, now maybe some are thinking this is a good way to prep your core player base for a mobile app and Id do some research on that into Galaxy Online II which is in a very similar situation what made it popular was its battle engine and IGG made the very wrong assumption that their core player base would just go with it because they were loyal, but that was a complete failure as well. my advice is do not remove the legacy mode if you want to keep your core player base and put something up that lets people know they dont need to go with the new interface vs just trying to force feed it to us, I had to get help from someone as I was about to log out for good. and I know Im not alone. You just threw that on there with out making it clear what was going on my guess is most people are like me

    and very off put to being in the middle of maps with a new interface that is completely different and very confusing to use.
    On top of the fact that now when you look at the map its not easy to see where your units are what strength the enemy units are at with a quick zoom in.

    So in closing I hope you sort this out, I think the time and energy would have been better spent adding new units that would increase the strategic aspects of the game than the graphics. I have really enjoyed your product but if not thats Ok I can allways go back to DUNE2000 or Redalert 2