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    I don't see what the point of this update is at all and what good it could bring any of the game. my first instinct it that's its just another scheme to encourage players to buy more Goldmarks for resources as they cant trade effectively now.

    Every update just seems to get worse every time and now not to mention this update has pretty much killed off the rp community. Cant believe I considered purchasing HC last month. I will never spend money on this game if it keeps heading in this direction :(

    I don't even know what the point of writing this was lmao nothing will change

    The future for free to play games looks dark.

    At the moment i feel like the new user interface is giving me and my eyes too much information to handle. I like that the developers want to be innovative however, sometimes being innovative can cause the opposite effect. I'm happy that the developers want to try to improve the game in an attempt to attract more players and modernise Supremacy however after 1 or 2 days of looking at it there are some problems that i have come across:

    1. The majority of players (Or what people are referring to as old timers) Enjoy the entertaining yet simple interface Supremacy has to offer. This "board game" interface was an example of this. I think the main problem people are having is that it's hard to differentiate between provinces, land and sea. When i'm zoomed out and trying to make a judgement its alot easier when i have clear borders and unit icons helping me distinguish my current position and any potential battle plans i wish to make. I'm currently playing as Greenland and its impossible for me to make such judgements. From what i can see the sea stands out a lot and doesn't really fit in making it a saw sight for my eyes, Not to mention i cant view routes on sea without dragging my ships which once again can lead to poor judgement and orientation. The old interface combated this perfectly offering a distinctive view of the battlefield with the colourful borders.

    2. When viewing my battlegroups and naval fleets i can easily distinguish the number of men i have at my disposal however looking at the mech (for example which includes my artillery, tanks and cavalry) They all add up into one unit under an symbol of a tank. I can view the separate number of artillery, tanks and cavalry ect when i click on the army however the main problem is not being able to view the amounts of each unit i have without needing to select the army. It takes 2 seconds to check however its really annoying having to select every army all the time. Furthermore this links back to my previous point of offering poor judgement and orientation. It’s confusing and could be potentially frustrating and deceiving if i were to enter into battle restricting me from getting the best out of myself.

    3. When moving units sometimes the unit icon will appear miles behind a border compared to where it's actually located. Once again im making a point about poor orientation and judgement. I would easily be able to get over it if i was merely moving troops around however when i need to shoot and scoot or make micro movements its going to become a problem :( Also when i'm trying to move them and drag the icon the location i want to transport them to is actually blocked by the icon which appears. Maybe a smaller icon or a pointed arrow instead would be a quick and easy fix.

    4. When trying to view the cities in my provinces i can no longer “zoom in” to view the buildings i have constructed or the ones i can potentially construct. I know i can simply click the “province construction” tab on the side or in the province panel but being able to get a view of the town itself offers a better view. I know this may sound like something of my personal preference however a lot of players (both experienced and new) have told me they agree with me on this point.

    These are the main problems i have come across the last 2-3 days of playing. im sure alot of other people have points they would like to make as well as more important problems but im just happy to be able to offer my opinion to try and improve the game for everybody while offering my insight. If i could sum it up i think the new user interface looks good and fancy however it limits my ability to make judgements. I hope the new problems we're faced with are fixed soon :) I dont know whats right and what's real, i don't know how im meant to feel anymore. When do you think it will all become clear? Because im being taken over by fear :(

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr Cuddles xoxo