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    A remarkably narrow view to take but one founded in ignorance so I guess it's fine?

    I mean, feel free to suggest I can't play the game or beat ai if it makes you feel better. My point was always that it makes landswap harder, and especially for newer players. You wouldn't know as you don't know what that is. Unsure how you can argue against it but fair enough.

    As for neutral trade, absolutely a bad idea we can agree there.

    While I suspect your ta-dah was some sarcastic sign off, ta ta just means bye in much of the English speaking world. I meant nothing untoward by it.

    Take care :) Iv said my bit

    My conception of roleplay is the standard one in S1914s organised roleplay community and has been for several years.

    Again, I do not believe you have enough of an informed opinion to be able to comment on how this update damages the rp community. Certainly not with any weight to your words. Anyone who had even just glanced at a community game in the past few years would understand what a land swap is.

    The fact you are trying to make such a case for why the update won't harm the community without understanding said community just shows the disconnect that's present between the staff and the players .

    Ta ta

    Okay, so it's a good idea that roleplayers can't attack other players according to demonaire as it creates diplomacy and peace, which roleplayers seek to achieve. .

    Spoken like somone who knows nothing about roleplaying games yet is still determined to give their uniformed opinion. It looks more like you are a bytro shill but whatever...

    Roleplays employ land swap to get the borders set up. This can involve attacking many countries at the start of the game. A lot of new players struggle to beat standard ai, let alone elite.

    Even experienced players will lose a lot of troops, that they can now longer replenish from allies. Throw an aggressive ai into the mix and it's going to mess up roleplays with land swap entirely.

    I understand you think you know what you are talking about, but you don't in regards to roleplay. Just stop.

    Is rp bytros concern? Definitely not. But people are sick of them repeatedly saying they are for roleplayers, then continuously doing everything in their power to ruin a game that was once loved by many people. It's every damn update

    At least freezy came to say the last update was removed. Shame about ignoring everything else but ya know, I'd expect nothing less at this point.

    Even if anything changes, itl just be another few weeks before some other poorly thought out update is released.

    I used to think bytro was against rp, but at least they are starting to shaft the PvP community too. Top work

    For the love of god, just revert it back and stop touching things.

    Don't fix what isn't broken

    Not "Try to fix it with a sledge hammer"

    Absolutely awful update. People saying its about multis... Anyone could just use their multi to attack another player then swoop in and take all the land. How about Bytro stops us taking provinces? Problem solved?

    Adding limitations is nearly always the less popular option. You can bet your left leg that Bytro will latch onto the least popular option too and never let go. Le sigh.

    Can you just admit you want this game to die so you can focus on your Cow reskin?

    Every update now is just some poorly thought out way to kill the game further. Perhaps that's the intention?

    But it's okay I guess as supremacy one will make some money from leeching off battlefield ones name. Why not put these "upgrades" into that and leave this one alone.

    Every time the game is updated it gets worse. Everytime.

    What happened to you bytro you used to be cool.