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    Here is a doc showing the attack a given number of troops will do.

    Attack/Defend damage values

    It shows that one infantry will do 1.2 damage and 3 infantry will do 3.6 damage BUT 6 infantry will do 6.4 damage. As you group together infantry for the most part attack/defend damage will not go up linearly. As you get bigger and bigger stack the damage each additional troop does is lessened. Therefore attacking a group of 15 in 3 waves of 5 will have you win if morale is the same.

    So essentially I should always use stacks of 5 of infantry, as there is no benefit and only merit of using anything above that?

    Hey guys,

    I've just started playing this game today - and managed to read any guide I could find about it - love it so far.

    (I'm a bit of a try harder when it comes to strategy games.)


    Anyways, I found out that your units while embarking on enemy shore have lowered damage for 4-5 turns by about 66%. (Which is logical and I understand - I guess.)

    However I also read the damage calculation formulas and how dealing damage works, where essentially when it comes to infantry it's best to send in squads of 5 or less, as they do the most damage. (1.2 per infantry unit), where the in the sector of 5 - 15 it's (0.4 per any extra infantry unit) and beyond that 15 - 40 it's (0.4 per any extra infantry unit).

    Therefore - here are my two question's.


    1. Why would I ever use squads of infantry to attack someone else other than >5? What is the benefit of this, if the damage is less? Are my units less prone to dying when doing so?
    2. To put it in a pratical example - never mind economic, defense and everything else in the game. I've gotten Greenland in the screenshot below, how should I go about attacking Denmark (ai) to make it as optimal as possible?

    [Visual Representation]

    If I got any of the above wrong - please correct me. I'm here to learn.

    If you have any guides worthy of reading - please send them my way, I'm here to learn.

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my message, and even more so if you replied! :)