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    Huh what research

    I play S1914

    In supremacy 1 you can research new units and level them up. If you don't have your units researched and leveled up you'll fall behind really quick, so a research penalty would be enough to deter people from quitting, but as I said I don't want it to be too harsh, just enough so that they won't abandon their games.

    One of my biggest peeves about this game is that in 90% of my games 60% of all players disconnect and get replaced by AI on day 3. The worst offenders being people who join and then are like "nah, I don't wanna play" and never come back, or even people who ragequit the moment they start losing. Playing against AI for the whole game is not fun as the AI all play the same. I know admins can replace inactive players but on many servers replacing players is not allowed or the admin just doesn't care/know how to replace them. There needs to be some sort of penalty for disconnecting, if a player joins a game they are committed to it! I don't think the penalty should be super harsh, but it should be enough to discourage people from quitting. Perhaps a temporary ban on the map that they disconnected from or just a temporary ban from joining any games at all. I know the game allows said player to return to the game after leaving, but this almost never happens. If they decide to return, the penalty is either less harsh or just removed. Thank you for reading.

    I don't understand why but it happened. I was playing a "Fall of Empires" game and the Jabal Shammar AI (this country is unplayable so it's always AI) gave me share map after I went to war with Persia. I know it's really rare, but it happened.

    I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that giving ALL AI right of way or share map won't make you more popular. From what I heard, the AI judges you based on actions towards it's allies, enemies, or itself. One AI might be hostile towards another AI and being friendly towards both will cause you popularity to not change as you are making the AI "upset" but "pleased" at the same time. Giving share map to a nation an AI's allies (those it gives ROW/Share map) makes you more popular with them but doing that to one of their foe's does the opposite. You end up having to choose which AI you want to befriend and which you want to be hostile towards, it's impossible to make ALL the AI like you. i saw this at play where an AI that was embargoing me gave me share map since I declared war on one of their enemies, and another AI who had share map took it away since I declared war on one of their friends. This is only from what I heard, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    Well, if the AI declares war on you they definitely won't accept peace because they declare war if your popularity is too low. But if you declare on them with high popularity they just might, it just takes time.

    My only guess is balancing issues, because if a player were to neglect their navy or not have enough resources to build one they would get stomped by anyone who even built just 1 ship. This happens often to me where I have a navy and my enemy doesn't. Making them totally defenseless because they couldn't afford a navy would be unfun for many, so that's just my take. Even with the fact that land forces can sink ships in mind, having a superior navy can overcome even the largest of land forces.

    Elite ai does conduct diplomacy though. If you have common enemies they may give you right of way or share map. If you are hostile towards their allies they will embargo/declare war. If you have high enough popularity they might even accept peace to wars.

    Surrender already exists, it's called setting your diplomacy status to peace/truce and hoping whoever you are at war with does the same.

    Your English is very good. I agree, however there is already a feature that punishes getting surrounded which is units not being able to retreat, but units don't retreat most of the time so it doesn't matter. Getting surrounded should indeed have a penalty outside of that, but I also think getting surrounded should cause an over time morale drop to the units and the province.

    Have you ever accidently had your ranged units get blended into an army with "melee" units? Then it gets attacked by another enemy melee army and dies fast because it has lower HP than the melee units! I feel like there should be an option called force retreat where a unit can withdraw from a battle (as long as it's in an army and not by itself) for a hefty morale penalty. I know this might make ranged units even more annoying to deal with but adding an morale penalty makes it so that a player has to really decide whether to do it or not. This is only a suggestion, and I would like to hear your critiques.