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    These guys went in and made a ton of very odd, unprovoced choices when designing Revamp. Thinkin that they'll now suddenly realize all of that and start making much improved decisions all across the board seems a little silly to me, quite honestly.

    Yeah, most of these changes were never asked by the community. They did the exact opposite of what the community wanted. Yes, they do fix bugs (which I appreciate highly), but they also make drastic changes that were never asked for (which is very disappointing).

    Most of my friends are already dropping their games and quitting because they are highly unmotivated to continue playing because of these recent changes going on.

    If Bytro keeps this up, they will lose a lot of support from their loyal player base.

    Reimplement the legacy unit display in the revamp mode, please. That feature was really useful when it was the early stages of the revamp UI. I am not sure why Bytro removed that to begin with when it received no negative feedback from the community.

    Furthermore, resizing or having a feature to toggle on/off the 3D models of units would be really convenient. When there are a lot of units involved in a small area when there's a battle going on, it's hard to track individual units. This really ruins the gameplay imo.

    That will be all. I hope Bytro takes this into consideration for their next update.