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    Lets first focus on the revamp new features will be looked at afterwards, best place to post them is in the missing features they will be polled there so that the devs know the approval rate of the ideas please read the "Read before posting" there

    I dont understand you mean that is the bad ideas or what, and send me a url of "Read before posting" please and you know some of ideas real cool like emblem and hymn

    I have an ideas for game:1) I think that need to add something like way of governor (Monarchy, Anarchy, Тeocracy, Respublika and ect.);
    2) Forms of the state system (Federation or Unitary or Imperia);
    3)Types of economic system
    4)Rename the country and maybe cities;
    5)Need to add emblem and for fun hymn));
    6)Political regime (democratic or not democratic);

    And for 1);2);3);6) - need to add pluses and minuses for country. If you think that this ideas good please send me a answer it will be cool if send me to my email.