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    The New Roleplayers Union:



    Welcome one and all! We are an alliance founded in 2014 from a conglomeration of different Roleplaying groups with the solitary purpose of creating and improving the quality of Supremacy 1914 RPs. In addition, we also help to provide a location to find and organize Roleplaying rounds as well as helping to preserve some of our communities history. We are active in creating Roleplaying rounds on Supremacy 1914, Call of War, New world empires, and Beyond.

    We are currently recruiting for a massive late Mid evil RP hosted on the 500 player map.

    You can find more information about the Roleplaying round, The Roleplayers Union, and join our steam and Discord group via the links below:

    The New Roleplayers Union Main alliance

    Steam Group

    Discord Channel

    Supremacy Universalis Roleplaying Round


    Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns, and I look forward to seeing you in the New Roleplayers Union (NRPU).

    Best regards,

    NRPU Administrator

    Hi guys, first of all, thank you for the feedback again. Of course we read and observe all the feedback, our CMs even already compiled a list with all different opinions for the team to look at, and we will certainly discuss all of that. If you keep your posts civil and constructive we will always take note of them, like our moderators have already explained. If threads keep civil staff is also more inclined to participate in them.

    The reasons behind the update were already stated in the news. To close loopholes, make it harder for "cheaters" and make it harder for all kinds of players to circumvent our intended map balancing. The last point is actually one of the most important reasons. We already expected that not all players will like such changes. Player opinion is always helpful but as this was for the most part a change to enforce balancing we will in this case focus more on observing statistics and data to determine the right course of action. And believe us we have no intend to deliberately tank this game, quite the opposite. Given the climate in this thread there is not much else to say on this topic from my perspective.

    As for any combat related change: We are not aware of doing any changes in the way combat is calculated. If there were any changes these have to be side products of other changes, and they were not deliberate. Though we did not see any proof of such reports yet, and without having proof or clear reproduction steps we also can't do much. So if you feel that combat was changed, feel free to collaborate with others to create a clear list of what exactly changed (before & after comparison), including example results and steps how to reproduce them. This also means looking at results of multiple battles, not just one single tick which can just be lucky or unlucky. Then please hand this over to our support staff, which will then hand it over to our QA for review. Thank you!

    Thank you for responding to the thread Freezy.

    I will also ask that all RPU members keep civilized while giving there feedback.

    I already sent some minor changes that could be implemented to make it so the RP community can continue to exist on the community without effecting the PVP or social side to Dutch while keeping this update mostly unaffected if you are looking not to reverse it. If we would like to coordinate a meeting with some of the RP & PVP leaders with the staff to better discuss the topic at hand I can also coordinate it.

    At the end of the day, all I want to see is the game and RP community to continue to grow and thrive for many years to come.

    I have been around in some forum or another since we have been able to name our armies on the original AI and though this has come up, it has never gained much traction. The closest would be the movement to either make the original 2009 User Interface public or able to select it as it had a large community movement for it (Sorry I dont have exact records from that time) which Bytro more or less just swept under the rug.

    I agree,

    All I have to say is the Belgian expeditionary corps served and fought with the Russians.

    As for the work around, we developed that over 2 years ago for your sister company. However, why do you think most of us are still here despite them being much more supportive of the community? Because the mechanics are easier to manage and use.

    out of the 2,000 registered Rpers that I know of, about 50 can use that exploit effectively and are well coordinated enough to do it.

    and the PVP part of me aggressive, AI would be cool for every game... If it wasnt for me seeing elite AIs eat over 100 players in a game on the Finish server a couple years back as the elite AI usually declares on any nation that has fought more then 2 or 3 wars.

    Also, average new players learning the game get eaten and generally the players that stick around have freinds or managed to win their first game, or in the least came close. Being murdered by the AI dont feel good, so most of those cases bail.

    Lets go over the benifits of trading units, ROW, and other factors that these updates hurt.

    PVP community:

    1. A standard tactic in the PVP community is to trade mechs to one player who is in the best position to make a breakthrough. If you think the Calvary hurt the PVP community just wait for this to influence a major PVP match.

    2. Resources and temporary agreements for ROW gives the option for legitimate players to even out the odds against a larger stronger opponent. This enhances the experience for both sides by giving the weaker party a chance at winning and keeping the game challenging for the larger player so they keep involved in the game. (You cna see massive nations start checking in like once every 3 days in a lot of 500 player maps for example because no one can hurt em)

    3. Financial- not as common, but I have seen people invest to make sure one of their buddies does not get taken out and start spending money to provide their friends more troops

    4. New players to the game already have a high rate of being trashed by experienced players and AI. Elite AIs will almost illuminate new players coming into the community for RP, Casuals, and PVP players alike. (It took me 2 years to go from casual to PVP and another 2 to go from PVP to RP)

    RP community:

    1. Limiting ROW and other diplomatic offers kills the RP community cause it removes the ability to LS and RP many diplomatic actions. This will lead to Bytro losing over 10,000 USD in the English server alone each and every year. Lightning turk and myself spend over 2,000 dollars a year alone supporting the community, and we are both in agreement this update is not something we can design around like we have in the past.

    2. Elite AIs will decimate the new players that we help bring into the community from outside who dont know the mechanics very well, and only want to play with their Friends and to experience the stories created in RP rounds.

    3. We choose to play this game over your sister company because of the option to trade. You remove these abilities we will migrate their and else where and give them our money instead of you.

    4. Historically speaking, the RP community has made up a large percentage of your staff handling tickets. At its peak, RPU members had 66% of the English staff, 50% of the dutch, and 5 of the french staff in 2017 (Sorry dont have the total numbers for french during that period). As the RPU community declines and the RP staff along with it, the games tend to experience more rule breaks and longer ticket turn around times as there is less people to process them. If for no other reason, you should support it for this reason as I know how overworked the moderators and GOs are at the moment.

    Social alliances-

    As you take a look at the Bartels taxonomy in game design, you will see that as the numbers of players go down, the number of people in these alliances will also decrease as there is not as many people to talk to. If these changes remain, more and more people will begin to leave the community causing yet another cascade effect as they will not have as many people to talk to.

    All and all, this update is a disaster that will destroy this community, lose bytro lots of money by forcing over 25 whales to leave the game, and over all cause S1914, COW, and the community as a whole to diminish as it will destroy the organized community.

    Best regards,


    come on guys this best update so far for bytro you will spend to kill the gm.Example day 8 I gm factory I gm 10-25 arty have half the map soon since all leave or gm to:) how can be a good update then? stop complain and gm :) make bytro proud

    to clarify I spend money on correct rule breaks, accidental damaged caused during the RP so we can just move on and not have it impact the RP, and aiding in LS including rushing out units. So as a general rule, no we dont but for certain scenarios to improve the experience of the entire games player base we will spend.

    roleplay does not generate any revenues - so you know, waste of server space

    Dont generate any revenue huh? I have spent over $6,000 US dollars in support of the roleplaying community and ensuring that the RP experience is as good as it can be. I also know 5 other RP whales (They gave me permission to state this) that have spent even more.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I have been apart of this community for many many years, fought with the prestigious blue suns PVP corp, created many large scale successful RPs, helped train an entire generation of roleplayers, and served as a member of the support staff for over 4 years.

    However, this very well could be the straw that breaks the camels back. I have stayed and continued playing and paying for the game because of the RP Community. If the staff feels that they need to remove the ability to trade units and remove the ability to give non coalition members ROW (This breaks Land swaping and all historical RPs), then it might be time for me and my friends to move on (Combined we have over 300 years experience playing the game, just as a fun fact lol).

    We have always enjoyed the Roleplays on all bytro games since its creation in 2009. We have dealt with the abuse and all the times the staff made a decision that negatively impacted the Roleplaying community. However, this one we will not be able to design around and will break the community. I can deal with being stiffed over 1 million gold from the upgrades we made on the alliance, we can deal with having increased requirements to creating large scale maps for our community is larger and stronger then most realize, but this fundamentally breaks our ability to play the game as we wish to play it.

    If the staff doesn't believe me, please have a MA or CC check how much I have spent, I wish I was kidding when I am saying this. I will check in a couple weeks to see if there has been any accommodations made. If not, I will begin preparations to move to another game.

    P.S. If someone from the staff wants to talk to me in private I have some solutions that will be amicable for both parties.

    Best regards,


    North America


    -United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland In Exile (British Canada):

    -Dominion of Canada (Canada) [British Puppet]: The Drunken Beaver

    -Mexico [Mexico]: ImraelBlitz

    -United Syndicalist States of Centroamérica [ULAN]:

    -Cuba [Caribbean Island Republic]:

    -Haiti [Formable Nation]:

    -Puerto Rico [Formable Nation]:

    -Dominican Republic [Formable Nation]:


    Second American Civil War


    -Pacific States of America (Californian Republic): @AlecDeEius(Texas)

    -United States of America (United States of America): Clarastan I

    -Combined Syndicates of America (Federated States of America): @Joe Steel

    -Confederate States of America (CSA): Maracel II

    -Alaskan Territory (Russian Alaska): @GreatbigHippo (Alaska)(edited)


    South America


    -Republic of Colombia:

    -Republic of Venezuela: Desolator General

    -Republic of Ecuador:

    -Republic of Peru:

    -Republic of Bolivia:

    -Syndicalist Republic of Chile:

    -Argentine Republic:

    -Patagonian Worker's Front (Argentina):

    -Paraguay (Revolutionary Mexico):

    -Uruguay (British Columbia):

    -Federative Republic of Brazil (Piratini):

    -Brazilian Empire (Brazil):


    Western Europe


    -Ireland: First Captain

    -Union of Britain: November Terra

    -Commune of France: General List

    -Kingdom of Spain: @King Alfonso XIII of Spain

    -Portugal (Portuguese Angola): @Aden

    -Kingdom of The Netherlands (Dutch East India): @Shayle Zephyr

    -Flanders-Wallonia (Scotland) [German Puppet]:

    -Socialist Republic of Italy (Italy) [French Commune Puppet]:

    -Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (French Equatorial Africa):

    -Switzerland [Formable Nation]:

    -Andorra [Formable Nation]:(edited)


    Northern Europe


    -Kingdom of Denmark (Danish Greenland):

    -Kingdom of Norway: @albanianMaster2002

    -Kingdom of Sweden: @Tordencoole

    -Kingdom of Finland:


    Central Europe


    -German Empire: Forgotten_Marshal

    -Austrian Empire: Thegreene

    -Kingdom of Hungary [Austrian Puppet]: Scanty Chunk

    -United Baltic Duchy [German Puppet] [Formable Nation]:

    -Kingdom of Poland (Poland) [German Puppet]: @The Sejm

    -Kingdom of Ukraine (Ukraine) [German Puppet]: Golden_Armada

    -Kingdom of Lithuania (Ontario) [German Puppet]:

    -Republic of Estonia (Baffin):


    Eastern Europe


    -Don-Kuban Union (Kuban People's Republic):

    -Kingdom of Bulgaria (Kingdom of Hejaz):

    -Hellenic Republic (Greece):

    -Kingdom of Albania (French West Africa):

    -Kingdom of Romania (French Madagascar):


    Second Russian Civil War


    -Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Communist Russia):

    -Provisional All-Russian Government (Russian Arkhangelsk): Glory to Moskava

    -Russian Republic (Russian Empire): @Kaisler

    -Provisional Siberian Government (Russian Siberia):

    -Provisional Yakutian Government (Russian Yakutia):

    -Kingdom of Vladivostok (Far East Rep): Desert Fox Commander


    Middle East


    -Ottoman Empire: UMER

    -Sublime State of Persia:

    -Emirate of Jabal Shammar (Arabia) [Ottoman Puppet]:

    -Emirate of Najd (British East Africa):

    -Yemeni Imamate (Anglo Egyptian Sudan) [Ottoman Puppet]:

    -The Sultanate of Muscat and Oman (Fed. Malay States):

    -Kingdom of Afghanistan (British Pakistan):




    -Sultanate of Egypt:

    -Senussi Kingdom of Tripolitania (It. Libya) [Ottoman Puppet]:

    -Kingdom of Morocco:

    -French National State (French Algeria): @Philippe Pétain (Français)

    -Empire of Abyssinia:

    -Kingdom of Somalia (Anglo Egyptian Sudan):

    -Union of South Africa: Rollan Bornaparte


    Deutsch Mittelafrika [German Puppet]


    -Deutsch Südwestafrika (German Namibia) [German Puppet]:

    -Deutsch Ostafrika (German Tanzania) [German Puppet]:

    -Deutsch Njassaland (Northern Rhodesia) [German Puppet]:

    -Deutsch Kongo (Belgian Congo) [German Puppet]:

    -Deutsch Kamerun (German Cameroon) [German Puppet]:

    -Deutsch Westafrika (British Nigeria) [German Puppet]: Yossaran


    Southeast Asia


    -Dominion of India (British Bengal):

    -The Federation of South Indian Rajas (British Madras):

    -Bharatiya Commune (Korean Empire):

    -Kingdom of Burma (British Burma):

    -Kingdom of Siam (Siam):

    -Indochinese Syndicalist Union (Union of Indochina):




    -Greater Japanese Empire (Japan)- LightningTurk

    -Fengtian Government of The Republic of China (Manchuria)- king nate 1

    -Republic of the Philippines (American Philippines):

    -Islamic State of Mindanao (Republic of Philippine Moro):

    -Deutsch Ostasien (Papuan New Guinea) [German Puppet]: Queenhagfish

    -Nederlandsch-Indië (Dutch New Guinea) [Dutch Puppet]:

    -New Zealand: @kiwi empire

    -Kingdom of Hawaii (Dutch Indonesia):


    Australian Civil War


    -Australasian Confederation (New South Wales): @Britain & Ireland [Australasia]

    -Australian Syndicalist Union (Northern Territories):

    -Commonwealth of Australia (Western Australia):

    -Kuomintang Government of The Republic of China (RoC)- @STG

    -Qing Empire (Hongxian)- Ender

    -Chinese Syndicalist State (Shanxi)-

    -Shangqing Tangguo (Chinese Empire)-

    -The Mad Baron's Mongol Empire (Mongols)-

    -Xibei San Ma (Xinixiang)-

    -Kingdom of Tibet (Tibet)-