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    that is correct but also is correct the fact that waiting 8 days before starting to build factories is utter nonsense. I mean, factories existed way before World War I so I don’t see why not giving the opportunity to start building them right away. Same things applies for railways and harbors. Waiting that long before starting to build the industrial apparatus of your country is unrealistic and annoying. Anyways, it is what it is...

    hello everybody

    so, here’s the thing: I created a game and I chose a 10 days peace period. As soon as the game started everybody was attacking everybody. I was kinda surprised about that and when I also tried to attack somebody, I wasn’t able to do that because of the mandatory 10 days peace period. So I wanted to ask, does this peacetime thing applies only to me!? How does this thing work!?


    usually it is not a good idea to storm a fortress using just infantry cavalry and armored cars, especially if that fortress is a level V one. You need to shell it using artillery, railguns and bombers if you don’t want to see your troops badly mauled. That being said, another piece of advice would be that it’s perfectly pointless to create a stack with 63 infantry units ‘cause after 50 of said units there is no added power to that stack. Better using a mixed stack of, say, 50 mixed units with infantry, cavalry and tanks.

    Hi everybody

    I know that probably what I’m going to ask has been discussed already but I find kinda annoying that one cannot maintain the name of a battleship after it has been built. I mean, what’s the point to name a battleship (or a railgun unit for that matter) and then the name just vanishes once the unit is operative!? I (and many other users I am confidential) would very much like to see the names of the battleships and not just a random unit name. Please address this issue.