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    I let QA know about the fire control issue so they can investigate. Any details you have on this matter is very welcome, as it could help to identify a potential bug here.

    The scrolling problem in the stockmarket is known and should be fixed very soon.

    Edit: We did a couple of tests with unit setups like you described but offensive fire control settings never resulted in neutral units being shot at after an enemy stack was destoryed, so any more details are important to find a bug. Also just to make sure, you didn't by any chance mix up offensive and agressive fire control ? The later will cause your units to also bombard neutral units within range.

    How do I join if possible? And how do I bring friends?
    Would probably not play anything like this on regular basis, but once a year or two would be cool. :D

    I'm afraid I'll have to tell you it's an internal event only. We have legendary parties at the company office when there isn't any covid around so we play an insane speed round with all colleagues in teams and decide who gets the bragging rights of having won the last company map for the forseeable future after that.



    • In case of a revolt taking place in a province previously controlled by a player, a frontline report will now be created informing said player about the revolt. The same applies in case of a foreign province revolting and joining a players nation.
    • In order to make navigation through all the different menus within the game easier on mobile devices, all tabs have been fitted with the respective names of the menus they’re leading towards instead of purely relying on the icon design.

    Bug fixes:

    • Several small issues have been fixed on multiple maps, including the correct adjustment of resource production, spelling errors and province names.
    • When going through the player list on mobile devices the nation and player names were not always perfectly aligned, which caused the overall look of the menu to look off. This has been fixed.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the detailed report about armies, which have been revealed via espionage to not always display the terrain the respective army was situated on, which affects the displayed combat values.
    • The publisher of the ingame newspaper decided to rebrand the current version of the newspaper. Instead of the World Herald, players will now receive daily iterations of the Daily European.

    Just in case it is of interest to the players who'd like to see insane speed maps on public servers: we play 100x rounds on christmas and other special occasions on our testservers. While it is quite fun (especially if you have a cold beer while playing with your colleagues) it is also quite literally insane. At 100x not only does combat between large stacks resolve in minutes, you also quite literally can't go afk, ever. If you join 3mins late, the market in the early game is completely drained. You also quite literally need more than one person playing the same account to properly move your troops at that speed.

    It is fun because of how wild it is, but it is no way suited as a serious game mode.

    It's a visual bug that was most likely caused by a change to the building restrictions. You should still be able to build them on day 8 regardless of the wrongfully displayed day 12.

    This will also likely be fixed with tomorrows update.

    Would you kindly try the ultimate client again later today on your active maps and check if it still causes you trouble ? There was an issue in s1914 after the last update that caused some players to experience unusually strong stutters and lags but this should get fixed with an update today.

    Super speed maps with 20x or more are a real problem to run. The game is designed to run at a certain speed and while it can be increased, at some point it's starting to struggle with refreshes, battle ticks etc so we can't just turn it up indefinitely.

    The sweetspot for most people who prefer faster maps while still keeping the dynamic of the game is around x4.

    Tendré que responder con el traductor de Google, ya que no hablo español con fluidez, espero que no te importe.

    En el caso de que describiste que cada miembro de la coalición (que ganó el mapa) obtendría 5000 marcos de oro, entonces el mejor jugador en solitario obtendría 3600 marcos de oro y el segundo mejor jugador en solitario obtendría 2400 marcos de oro.

    La clasificación depende únicamente del progreso relativo de la victoria y todos se miden de acuerdo con eso, independientemente de si se trata de una coalición o un jugador en solitario.

    Espero haber podido responder a sus preguntas y saludos cordiales,




    • A discord button was added to the already existing social media buttons in the main menu. Clicking on it will redirect you to the official Supremacy 1914 Discord Server. Furthermore we added all social media buttons, including Discord, to the “Community” tab in the “More” menu on mobile devices.
    • We’ve added the option to deselect units by simply hitting the ESC key. Certain pop-ups within the game can also be closed this way.
    • When changing any of the map filter options, these changes would not always be saved after the game was closed and reopened again. This has now been fixed so map filters will be saved and applied correctly after closing and reopening a map.

    Bug fixes:

    • On mobile devices the victory progress tab wrongfully displayed the AI for human players, despite them still being active. This has been fixed so the right icons are shown at all times.
    • A bug was fixed which affected the functionality of the “last selected unit”-icon and caused an error exception to pop up in case the last selected unit stack was split into multiple units.
    • Several bugs on various maps have been fixed, including but not limited to spelling mistakes, incorrect flags, and road connections.
    • After creating a resource offer on the stock market and switching to another map, the stock market would only allow the creation of offers for that specific resource unless the game was reloaded, as the respective icon could not be switched This has been fixed, so the stock market allows the creation of all offers regardless of already posted ones.
    • A rare bug was fixed that resulted in aircraft teleporting across the globe in case their flight path crossed a very specific line of the world map, located in the north and south pacific.
    • An issue with the construction queue was fixed that hid the option to queue additional building levels of an already queued building, in case units were also added to the list.
    • A rare bug was fixed that could cause the top ranked solo player on a map to be declared the winner and earn the respective rewards after a coalition gathered the required victory points to win at daychange.


    Attention, Generals!

    The day has come, Iron Order 1919 will be released today!

    As soon as the update process has finished it’ll be up to you to choose the first nation with which to strive for glory on the battlefields of an alternate Europe. Any strategic and tactical expertise you gained while commanding your armies and managing diplomatic relations in the past will surely come in handy, but be assured that warfare has evolved quite significantly as there are new powerful tools at your disposal.

    It is thus vital for any ambitious general to quickly adapt and learn how to use and utilize new units to the best of their abilities and overcome any obstacle. Be it the addition of Hunter Mechs to your garrisons which will blunt any armored breakthrough attempts, the careful management of resources and research slot to field the most advanced Mechanized Infantry and Heavy Mechs, or disrupting your enemies plans to delay his offenses until you can deploy a mighty Titan in order to crush any opposition, there are plenty of new tactics and strategies to be learned!

    To ensure a smooth start of Iron Order 1919 all ongoing maps that were started before the update will be closed immediately. All records and statistics will also be reset as many of the old units and maps become irrelevant. Today will truly be a new beginning for everyone, although basing its core mechanics on proven concepts also present in Tesla Wars before.

    Talking about a new beginning, the release of Iron Order 1919 will only be the start of our journey. We still have some things to iron out (no pun intended) during the following weeks and many great ideas for future additions to the game. New mechanics, units, features and maps are already being discussed and planned so we’re really looking forward to build upon the foundation which we’re laying today.
    While you can play the game both on desktop and mobile devices, we strongly advise you to try the mobile version first, as many practical interface changes as well as visual polishing can only be found there for the time being. We plan to unify changes in the future but for now focus on the mobile version, which is used by the majority of players.

    In order to make sure we can work on future content we need to make sure the foundation is working and, most importantly, fun to play for the majority of users. In this regard we’re reliant on your personal feedback. Let us know what you think of the new units, how they play and if their balancing needs adjustment after you tested them in some matches. We’ve already got a roadmap set up that we want to work on consisting of additional content and improvements but direct user feedback can and will significantly affect the content of the first updates during the following months.

    You can share your thoughts, ideas and first impressions of Iron Order 1919 with us on our dedicated Discord Server. If you have Discord installed on your device already you can join directly by simply clicking here!

    The entire team has been working very hard for the last 6 months to not only make the project come to life but get everything ready for a successful release and is therefore incredibly excited to finally be able to invite you to join us on the battlefield. With production facilities springing to life, recruits being enlisted and first commands being issued we’re just as excited to have you on board for the real journey of developing the game and making it the best it can possibly be.

    So what are you waiting for ? Login to the game, join your first map, build the first Mechs and accept the challenge of establishing yourself as one of the finest military minds in Iron Order 1919!

    Your Bytro Team

    I will forward this so our QA team can have a look. It could indeed be a side effect of the recent update, but shouldn't. Will get it checked, thanks for reporting it.

    this is exactly what we need right now , speed rounds are much much more fun than the usual long rounds
    the speed rounds are rare , the ability to set the speed of the match before creating a game would be a great feature

    Glad you enjoy the speedrounds. Having the speedfactor as a customizable option when creating a game might not be realistic though, as it would make several events obsolete.

    Air Carrier +WWII airplanes + Big Cannon + Mech Legs? What kind of monster is that? And how does it use on the battlefield?

    Definely not on the ocean...

    I mean, even in the alternative timeline. No one will want to use it to operate combat.

    It will act as a late game unit that can swing the war in your favor it it isn't challenged. Surely there is a bit of creative freedom involved in the design, but after testing this beast myself a couple of times already, I can assure you you'll love it once you see it in action.

    Will the HC purchaseres loose all their privileges at changeover?

    HC will be a part of Iron Order so you'll also keep it after the update goes live.

    Thank you, this is for sure a way to get around the anti-cheat problem and play together. I would still love to hear from Slyx if there is some kind of 'whitelist' that allows us to play on all game modes as I don't think it's hard to tell that we are genuinely 2 different players.

    Theoretically there is a possibility to whitelist you but we can only do so in cases where without a doubt two different people play together and do so without violating any rules. We'd have to look into it in detail, which i'm sure you'll understand, as it is quite easy for multi account users to just say they're family members etc.

    Can you please create another support request, stating the gameID which you were banned from, as well as the exact user names of both accounts involved ? Also please mention something along the lines of "Please assign this support request to Slyx and inform him about it, He said he'll take care of it in the forums".

    I'll see if I can untangle this but can't promise anything without having had a look at the details first.



    Attention, Generals!

    In accordance with the announced release for Iron Order 1919 on August 4th, the transition plan to prepare everything for the release will proceed. As a next step we will disable the creation of new maps both by players, as well as by the system.

    You will be able to continue playing any map that has already started until August 4th. At this point all running maps will be closed automatically, as they won’t work after the literally game changing release of Iron Order 1919.

    Speaking about game changers, we contained ourselves until now with the showcase of the biggest, most powerful and fearsome unit of them all. An absolute giant of a mech whose shadow can shroud an entire battalion in darkness before eradicating it with its main guns.


    The Titan is without a doubt the king of the battlefield and dominates other units once his construction is complete. Equipped with two massive main cannons and a plethora of smaller batteries of various calibers he possesses enough firepower to single handedly take out an army group. At the same time he is cladded in such heavy armor that only prolonged, concentrated barrages of smaller units, or guns of equal caliber realistically pose a threat.

    On top of these menacing characteristics the Titan is large enough to allow for the installation of two smaller takeoff and landing strips on its massive frame, which interceptor aircraft can operate off of. This does not only further bolster the Titans tactical and strategic capabilities but also counters the realistic threat of having to endure the bombardment by an enemy Flying Fortress in case Interceptor squadrons have been assigned to the defense of the Titan.

    This breathtaking power comes at a steep price though, as the research and construction of a single titan requires significant investments in resources and time, straining the production capabilities of even the largest nations and draining their stockpiles.

    While the Titan itself can go face to face with an army on its own, it is slow and can only be at one place at a time. It is therefore vital to keep in mind that the Titan itself is a late game unit that should be the final nail in the coffin of your enemies but it can’t singlehandedly win you a war if you neglect all other unit branches just to construct it.

    With the release of Iron Order 1919 but a mere week away, we hope you’re as hyped about being able to command all of these fantastic new tools of war as we are. The mighty Titan which can not only wipe out enemy formations in a single blast of his main cannons but also operate aircraft off of its giant frame, the Flying Fortress effectively acting as an airborne command center and artillery, being able to set entire frontline sections of fire with hellstorm shells or the stealthy but deadly Hunter Mech along many other units which we didn’t showcase yet will all be part of the release.

    Make sure to sign up on August 4th and be one of the first generals to leave his mark on the battlefields of Iron Order 1919!

    Your Bytro Team