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    Attention, General!

    Today's update updates the usability and visual presentation of espionage panels. We replaced the dated looks and brought them more in line with the other menus, while ensuring they also work on specific resolutions commonly used on laptops.

    The most recent Release Notes will from now on be presented as a pop-up when first logging in to the game after an update so you don't miss any crucial changes that could affect your gameplay.

    Last but not least you'll now be presented with a post game screen, when entering a map that has been concluded. Here you'll see some overall statistics of your performance across the entire game, such as unit kills and production info.

    A complete overview of all changes please check the detailed Release Notes and feel free to leave your feedback here on the forums or on our Discord.

    Best of luck General,

    Your Bytro Team



    • In order to ease the creation process of newspaper articles for players on mobile, we've reworked the different steps for doing so. From now on you will be able to choose from a variety of preselect news images that fit the setting of Supremacy1914 and reflect different events that could happen in your game.
    • The event of day change in games created after today's update will no longer happen at 00:00 CET. Instead the ingame day change is tied to the moment a game was created. This ensures a full 24 ingame hours have to pass before the 1st day of combat is over, which will also have an effect on the dynamic of games, as many critical calculations happen at ingame day change.

    Bug Fixes:

    • A bug was fixed that kept the offensive fire control settings for some units, after a player became active again and took over control from the AI. This led to situations where players without a Premium account were unable to change the fire control setting to the default settings.
    • A bug was fixed that allowed AI controlled aircraft to teleport to their target almost immediately after taking off in some cases, skipping the travel time to the target. Only after their attack did they travel back to base normally.
    • A bug was fixed that would result in push notifications sent to mobile users displaying a wrong unit name, when production of a unit was finished. The displayed names are correct again and match the produced units.

    In this case please use the ingame "report a bug" function. It's the fastest and easiest way our support staff can take a look at your case and try to find the origin of this problem.

    Please include as many details as possible, so they know exactly what to investigate.


    We're considering if it is feasable to actively support turkish translation in Supremacy1914 again. I applaud your willingness to help but am sure you will understand that we can't rely on user translations for this and would instead tackle it as a whole professionally all at once.

    If you would like to join the volunteer team as a game operator, or moderator, feel free to read the application post here.
    While it is specifically aimed at the russian team in this case, the process is exactly the same for any other language.




    • Provinces in the Province List can be pinned and unpinned now. The list can be sorted for pinned provinces to have them displayed on top of the list. The same applies to Armies in the Army List.
    • “Province order” was renamed to “Target morale”
    • The displayed value was changed to the final morale value that the morale will gravitate towards, without a “+”. For example “Target morale: 102” in case of provinces with no negative influence.
    • Buttons such as the Province or Army List now have an active button effect. Clicking on an active button a second time closes the respective menu
    • The default fire mode of units produced and controlled by the AI has been changed from "Fire at Will" to "Offensive.

    Bug fix:

    • A bug was fixed that allowed players to micro jump units by abusing the merge mechanics.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the chat to falsely display spectating players as having joined the round.
    • An issue with anonymous rounds was resolved that caused the username to be displayed in chat.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented filters for Front Reports to be displayed correctly on mobile devices.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the price of increasing unit morale using gold to always show 5 gold less than it would actually cost. This has been resolved so all displayed prices are now correct again.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the "Add to Queue" button from working for nameable units on mobile devices.
    • The Forced March button for Planes was removed, as it was falsely displayed and had no functionality for this unit type.
    • A bug was fixed that could cause the Coalition List to break on mobile devices when more than ten Coalitions were present on a map.
    • A bug was fixed that opened the province bar behind the army bar when a split army command was being issued.
    • An issue was resolved that could cause popups to be displayed in an intrusive way. Popups now do not open anymore when another dialogue is currently active on screen.


    Attention, General!

    As the holiday season closes, activity on the fronts is steadily increasing again. With the first update of 2022 we aim to tackle some quality of life topics such as improving the Split Army commands functionality by polishing the interface.

    Additionally, clicking the Resource Bar when playing on desktop will open a Resource Storage overview similar to the one implemented on mobile. This will allow for a more convenient and intuitive management of resources and also provides direct links to the Stock Market to stock up your supplies.

    Lastly, a few bugs are also being fixed. Finished advisor tasks would sometimes still be shown in the task list after completion, which will not be the case anymore. The advisor panel itself closed upon automatic server refreshes up until now, which is also being addressed alongside a specific error message that was triggered when hovering over an aircraft that had previously destroyed an enemy unit.

    We’re wishing you a great start into the new year and the best of luck for your first campaigns of 2022. Make sure to check out the Supremacy 1914 Discord Server to not miss any of the latest news or get some tips and tricks from some of the most talented strategist.

    Your Bytro Team

    We're sorry that users had some issues during and after the update was released.

    There were some unexpected issues with it that slowed down some game servers, which in turn were responsible for the long loading times and login issues. We started working on it immediately and the issue should be resolved as of around 7pm GMT+1 on the day of the update.

    Everything should be back to normal now.


    New Feature:

    • When selecting a foreign province or army you will now be presented with the option to use a new Direct Interaction feature. This will allow you to either issue an attack order on a province by selecting nearby forces, or open a diplomatic communication with the owner of said province or army.
    • After creating a coalition you are presented with the option to customize it by uploading a unique icon for your coalition. Alternatively, you will now be presented with a preselection of default icons to choose from.


    • To make the concept of High Command membership clearer to players, it has been renamed to Premium Account.
      • This is only a name change.
      • No functionality was changed or removed.
    • Coalition leaders are now able to proactively send out coalition invites to other players who are not yet a member of another coalition.
    • The Advisor interface, which helps players understand various game mechanics, has been overhauled and looks much more polished.
    • With the implementation of the new arrowhead pathfinder indicators at the end of each ground movement path in July 2021, the markers for the centre of patrol circles of planes were removed. These patrol markers are now re-implemented again.
    • A varying, maximum runtime has been added to all standard scenarios depending on the maximum player count to ensure they will not be negatively affected by future updates well after a map was created. Maps with a maximum of 31 players will now end automatically after 90 days have passed for example, while 500 Player maps will automatically close after 180 days. When a map ends this way, the player or coalition on top of the ranking will automatically win.

    Bug fixes:

    • An issue was resolved that caused moving ranged units like Artillery to temporarily stop moving when getting fired upon by an enemy range unit. The ranged unit would also not return fire in this case, no matter the fire control setting. Ranged units do not stop moving when attacked by enemy ranged units anymore and will open fire at the enemy depending on the fire control setting.
    • A bug was fixed that could cause planes to fly around the map instead of taking the direct route on certain maps.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented players from selecting units with the lasso tool on desktop when they were located in certain areas on a map.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented panels from closing when the player clicked on the background.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented Harbors to be added to the building queue when the player had insufficient resources. Harbors are now added to the queue no matter the available resources and construction is started as soon as needed resources are available.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the toggle to filter messages in the inbox to only work on the first page of messages and prevented messages on following pages from being displayed all together. The filters now work for all messages in the inbox.
    • An issue was resolved that caused the refuel timer to be missing and the wrong text to be displayed when a plane was returning to an airfield for refuelling.
    • An issue was resolved for mobile devices that could cause popups to trigger the expansion of the navigation bar which would then overlap active menus.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented units and provinces from deselecting when the army or province bar was closed.
    • An issue was resolved that could cause an error message to be displayed when multiple armies were selected and split up.
    • A bug was fixed that caused a jump when the map was scrolled after multiple units were selected with the lasso tool.
    • A bug was fixed that partially hid the last building entry in a provinces overview tab, when a new construction order was issued.
    • A bug was fixed that caused more than one command button to be highlighted in the interface after an order was given to a ground unit, or airplane.

    You can contact support via the ingame support function, which is by far the best and fastest way to get help in this regard.

    If you don't have access to the email, you'll have to somehow prove it's your account though, otherwise support can't be sure and give you access to it.

    Just for clarifications sake: you can have a maximum of 50 games at any time, including the ones in your archive. Games in your archive will stay there for two weeks and then be automatically deleted for you. They still exist, but you can't access them anymore and they also don't occupy one of your 50 game slots.

    Sorry for annoying you, but our alliance have a problem about elo points, we challenged two alliances, one of them is in our statics and, the another one have been 6 days ended and not added yet. More than 40 points not calculated. I tried to connect with bytro once in 15 november and the second on tuesday. but no real response, yes there's response but not makes sense, maybe I have misunderstanding in this situation, but I'm all ears and I hope to hear formal response here. Thank you for your patient.

    If you encounter a problem it's best to use the bug report feature within the game directly to get in contact with support staff and automatically provide a lot of relevant information to investigate any issues. I don't have any insight into what you communicated beforehand so I can't really adress anything directly.

    I'm aware of a report regarding elo points not being calcucalted correctly after an alliance match from some weeks ago, but if it worked correctly on one of your matches, then there might be something that causes it to not work correctly for some reason if conditions are met. Please report it again if you can ovserve it so we have a better chance of investigating it succesfully.


    New Feature:

    • When adding a building to the construction queue that is not yet present in a province, the construction menu will open a dropdown menu where different levels of the respective building can be selected for future construction.

    Bug fixes:

    • A bug was fixed that could cause planes to not follow their original flight path and vanish from sight when sent on a patrol mission.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented planes that were attacked while flying (not patrolling!) to deal defensive damage.
    • A bug was fixed that could cause armies to reposition to a previous location when changing diplomatic relations with another player.
    • A bug on desktop was fixed that prevented buildings from being added to the construction queue if the player had not enough resources at the time the building was queued.
    • An issue was resolved that caused the travel time for naval units to not be displayed on mobile devices.

    This is my personal opinion and not a statement from Bytro:

    Having aircraft carriers in a ww1 game is nonsense. First of all there were no purpose build aircraft carriers during the war at all. The ships that could be considered to be aircraft carriers of some sort were pretty much only seaplane tenders, or converted cruisers with a partial flight deck. They did not serve an operational purpose similar to what we now think of when mentioning aircraft carriers and had a miniscule capacity for aircraft.

    The only realistic way to implement carriers in s1914 would be to have them as a hybrid vessel with both guns and capacity to hold 1-2 planes at most. They should also not be used to attack enemy ships but rather air reconnaissance.

    The single, only ship that could be considered an actual carrier would be HMS Argus, who had absolutely no effect on the war whatsoever and was more of a "let's test the concept" ship.

    IMO adding carriers to s1914 is stretching reality a lot if done in a way where they serve as naval airbases for multiple aircraft units ingame. Unless you want a ship that has the capacity to hold a balloon. That would be realistic in a way.


    • Upon clicking on the “Support” button in the main menu, players will from now on be redirected to Helpshift, instead of a blank support form. Helpshift utilizes a smart bot program that offers direct answers to the most frequently asked questions and will be especially useful for new players. In case players can’t resolve their issue directly, a direct support request can be issued, which will be answered by a support agent as quickly as possible.
    • Articles about trade embargoes have been removed from the Daily European to make sure that you do not miss any essential information in the newspaper.
    • Two new tick boxes have been added to your inbox. These boxes allow you to display or hide “Player messages” and/or “System messages” in your inbox.
    • Gold rounds and gold features are now marked with an icon and a tooltip when creating private game rounds.

    Bug fix:

    • Two advisor tasks were missing the proper reward which can be collected upon completion. This has been fixed.
    • A bug was fixed that caused an error message to be triggered when a coalition leader tried to kick or reassign leadership to another member of his coalition.


    New Feature:

    • A new Army List was implemented, displaying all armies a player is currently fielding together with the most important information for said armies. Clicking on a single army will allow you to jump to its current location on the map, making it a lot more comfortable to manage your forces, especially during later stages of a map. The list can be sorted by the following information:
      • Army ID
      • Army name
      • Unit count
      • Hitpoints
      • Damage
      • Protection
      • Speed
      • Location
      • Current action


    • An issue was solved that could cause unconfirmed army orders to be cancelled when the server is refreshed. Orders that have not been confirmed yet are not cancelled when the server is refreshed anymore.
    • When you are about to attack a friendly player (a player you have Right of Way, Shared map, or Shared intelligence with), a warning popup is triggered now. The popup allows you to either cancel your command or indeed declare war.
    • The map ending popup (victory or defeat) on mobile devices has a close button now. This allows you to spectate the final state of the map at the moment it ended, analyze it and potentially learn how to further improve your strategy.
    • Army command confirmation is now disabled by default. The option can be (re)-enabled in the game settings at any time.

    Bug fixes:

    • A bug was fixed that caused the combat timer of planes to start the countdown for the next attack, even when the plane had to return to its base to refuel first. The countdown now only starts after the refueling is completed and the plane takes off for the next attack.
    • The building information tab only displayed the values of a level 1 building, even if higher levels were constructed. The correct statistics for all levels are now displayed.
    • An issue was solved that prevented patrolling planes from dealing defensive damage to attacking planes. After this update, an attacker receives damage first before proceeding with the attack.
    • A bug was fixed that caused parked planes not dealing defensive damage to attacking aircraft.
    • Several small bugs regarding missing connections, flags, borders, etc. were fixed on multiple maps in the game

    Hey there, unfortunately there was a server outage in the very early morning hours (Bytro time) which lasted for about 90minutes. This has at the moment of me typing this message already been resolved and games should be joinabe again without any further problems.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We try out best to make sure things like this don't happen, but you can't be 100% sure all the time. If a bigger problem occurs we get an alarm but if this happens at the middle of the night, we're not at full capacity at the office/desks so the process of fixing can take us a bit longer than normal.

    Again, sorry for the outage, everything should work as ususal by now though.