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    I don't play on a smartphone.

    Because I play on a computer, I am forbidden to earn the daily free goldmarks.

    I keep getting knocked out of games by players who get them. They build fortresses before I attack (happened today). They have tanks while I am still making cannon (happened today). They have a ton of armored cars while I have the few I can build normally. The deficit you force me to play under because I refuse to play on a phone is now unbearable.

    I hoped Supremacy 1914 would change its mind and allow computer users to earn the same free goldmarks so they can hold their own against smartphone users.

    Supremacy 1914 refuses.

    So as a computer player, level 19, I concede that this Game does not want computer users. I am tired of playing at a severe disadvantage.

    This has happened to me for about a week. I advance infantry, etc. up to the target, and place cannon behind them.

    I log off.

    I log back in and the enemy AI has moved through my infantry force and engaged my cannon or already killed them.

    I keep forgetting this happens. I've lost a lot of cannon during the last week.

    Yesterday I lost all ten of my cannon. It is taking forever to replace them.

    I forgot to post the Game number. Sorry. It is 6452196. I sent what I posted to the player and suggested he come here to rebut what I posted if he wanted to do so. I assume that is how this works. Thank you.

    I assume this is where I report cheating. It involves multi-accounting.

    The game is public World in Flames 100 player. I am Ecuador, so I have been watching Argentina.

    Argentina is [redacted] and Republic of Argentina was [redacted].

    Argentina was moving over Republic of Argentina.

    Rep of A slammed and took Chile and slammed into Bolivia.

    On day 5 which I am currently in, between 7:58 a.m. and 12:36 p.m. Argentina took from Republic of Argentina 15 provinces. There were maybe two battles. Republic of Argentina was eliminated after losing 7 to Argentina. Argentina lost 4.

    Before that Republic of Argentina lost 33 total to Bolivia as of day 5, 62 total to Chile as of day 3.

    As of now, Argentina has killed 12, lost 9, and captured 18 provinces. He owns 26 provinces. Please remove him for multi accounting both Argentina and Republic of Argentina. Thank you.

    I did that yesterday. I have a submarine stuck in an interior lake, since I just started three submarines in three level four factories without realizing one would be landlocked.

    So a white slash shows no harbor available, the normal harbor icon shows a non-landlocked harbor, and a different color harbor icon shows a landlocked harbor.

    Please advertise on the front page a fun, fast tutorial to show the basics of this Game. The player who enters it is given a starting nation next to an enemy nation. There are 8 Game controlled nations who act like real players in that they can accept ally or coalition requests. They cannot send messages since that would be too hard to program.

    The opening instructions explain none of those eight will attack him, but he can attack them. He can also ally with them (give them full maps) or start a coalition and ask them to join.

    The player makes his moves, and then clicks to start the next day.

    The Tutorial is fun because the market always has goods in it to buy, if he sells goods for money someone will buy them, buildings build instantly, and he only has one guaranteed enemy - the one he is at war with.

    Each turn the Tutorial tells him things he can do, why he should do them, and how to do them such as:

    adjust your resources for wheat and fish since one is going negative,

    check what is making your Paris province have low morale,

    you can offer to ally with full maps,

    you can start a coalition and send invitations to players,

    you can now build a factory if you build a two level workshop, and

    your enemy is building a bomber – if you upgrade your factory you can build a fighter to counter that bomber.

    If he clicks to see how to do something for a suggested step, the Tutorial shows him each screen to click and where to click inside it.

    The Tutorial is also designed to let advanced players enter it to see only a particular aspect of the Game, such as how to use fighters or submarines. I have been her for months and I am still confused. So there is the main tutorial for the beginning player, and tiny tutorials inside of the main one to see how to use a particular unit or building.

    Each player has a proxy item set by default to no one. If you click it, you can scroll through the players until you designate that your friend controls it. Use the mechanism the Game uses to select someone to write to. You cannot designate your proxy for a player who has already designated his proxy for you.

    The player you designated has a second proxy item appear showing he controls your proxy.

    At that point, when your friend joins a game, he can also use your proxy to select a nation for you to join. No more corresponding back and forth to try and join a game at the same time.

    Once used by your friend, you are in the game just as if you had joined it yourself. Also, the proxy item defaults back to being designated to no one. You must wait three days before you can click it and designate the next player who controls it for you.

    At any point, you can click it and remove a designated player, and change it to another player. The three day waiting period only applies after a friend has used it to put you into a game.

    As more messages are added to a chat, the thing you grab with the cursor to scroll up and down in that chat gets more tiny.

    At some point you are unable to grab it anymore.

    I have reached that point again in my chat with a coalition teammate. If I try grabbing it 20 times I get it to budge a little once. Otherwise I am limited to the final two messages. I literally had to post this to him a minute ago:

    I am unable to use the cursor in our conversations since it is too tiny. I was able to read a few of the last messages. Did you write Ottoman attacked you?

    That is not the way to play this game. Please enlarge the scroller in the chats so I can grab it with my cursor, regardless of how many messages are in it. Or please let me delete early messages in my chat so the scroller becomes large enough to use again. Thank you.

    Once a coalition reaches half the normal points necessary for a win in a 100/500 player game, that coalition is rewarded as winners and leaves the game. The provinces the winning coalition controlled are blocked out. No one can own them, but remaining players can move through them. The remaining players then play for the second win which will end the game.

    Two half wins will inspire new strategies for completing the 100/500 player games.

    The player creating the 100/500 player game can choose whether it has one full win or two half wins.

    Trying to do that, but my Alliance leader is 13 hours different from me. I work. Very hard to connect and join smaller games when games fill quickly. My proposal solves everything and makes Alliances vibrant. Otherwise Alliances will need to recruit only players from the same or close to the same timezones in order to coordinate joining the same smaller games.

    I logged in around 30 minutes ago. I sent a message to my Alliance leader, then entered my game and made my moves. I used the arrow at top right to leave it and bring up the Alliance screen to watch for a return message. Walked away. Came back and used the arrow at top right to reenter game. The map would not load. Used the arrow to leave and reenter without success. Arrowed back, clicked game, entered game, and map would not load. Took down Firefox, brought it back up, and when I brought up the game the map was there. My point is the map disappeared while I had the game up but while I had the Alliance screen up.

    Give each alliance member one game joining token. He can give it to another member in his alliance.

    The second member then joins a game, and uses the token to have the first member join.

    The token then goes back to the first member.

    Currently, members must be logged into the game at the same time in order to join a game together. This is difficult since alliance members usually live in different time zones. So alliance members cannot join the same game unless the game is so large there is still time to join hours later.

    Supremacy1914 will limit which games allow use of game joining tokens.

    Supremacy1914 will limit how many game joining tokens can be used in a particular game by a particular alliance.