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    Thank you very much Bytro to bring Legacy back! I am quite sure I wouldn´t come back if Legacy switched off.

    Hopefully we get updates which make the ne UI more cleary arranged like Legacy was. I understood thad Legacy can´t stay forever but please do your best to give the new UI a good and clear strategic layout like Legacy had in the past.

    After a couple of years Supremacy 1914 and many battles with new UI and Legacy > I have to say that handling at battles Legacy is clearly better. > Economy administration is the new UI better.

    Best regards

    Yes and without HnR many players will quit this game as it is only tool they had in their tool box... however my experience is each time Bytro does a FIX of this nature 2-3 other exploits become available and only need to discovered.

    I think this FIX made fire control for High Command less important

    Please share your experiences to this topic. I will do it also. As far as I understood this could be also make ranged units weaker... Also removes this update the advantage from active gamer against an offline gamer... :-( I hope HnR will be still possible. A couple of seconds are enough.

    Hi Dudes,

    after months of testing the new UI with bigger units I give some feedback also here.

    - Unfortunately in many cases the units are crowded and confusing the gameplay

    - It´s hard to organize your troops and give orders. Especially with more troops its more difficult

    - Switching the flags on and off does not helf much

    I would propose to make to units smaller or to have an option on them. Example could be the old Legacy Troop graphics which you can use alternative.