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    A genuine question:

    How hard would it be for the developers to provide a maximally simplified UI within the new client? That is, use pins instead of graphics for units, at the very least. Disable the superfluous layers.

    This is a game that is not only about planning and strategy, but also about fine-grained activity at times. The new client simply does not allow the latter, and makes the former more annoying than it is worth.

    So, again, how possible will it be to provide a radically streamlined option within the standard client?

    I have been playing for over 7 years now. I am quite active, and I have achieved a global ranking of 12.

    I will no longer play unless the developers are able to make the new UI as simple as possible. This game is all about planning and strategy. Bells and whistles and fancy graphics do absolutely nothing for gameplay. Nothing.

    Provide a way to use the "Pin" mode in the new UI and it might be salvageable. As it is the larger maps, which I and many prefer, are absolutely unplayable.

    So, simplify simplify simplify! Your dedicated userbase could care less about graphics. All we care about is reliability and an ability to see things clearly, especially on the larger maps.

    Dear Mods,

    In game 2987932, the player in control of Castille (user 18711078) is a multi-player.

    Please observe his activities, and remove him immediately.

    With kind regards,