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    Conscripts/Militia are just far to powerful in Defence! ICompared to infantry and Heavy Tanks it just does not make sense. Spoils the game. Howitzer before Field Gun in Research Tree is spoils game play and historically inaccurate. Players field Howitzers as if they are cheap as chips, when they are a valuable asset

    I think in some ways the Game is an improvement in strategy & length . But there are some real daft backward steps too

    1. The worst aspect of it which just does not add up is the Conscript in defence is more powerful now than the Trained Infantry Unit! Which just does not add up. and makes them worthless to train 2. The Field Gun is Researched later than Howitzer!? Why again historically and in game play does not make for realistic games. It becomes boring for longer game play for attrition of conscripts with stupid numbers of Howitzers deployed early on.

    3. I trained eventually some Assault Infantry, most of time they dominate eventually over conscripts. But its absurd I lost some when moving and same number of enemy conscripts were moving. AI seems to assume in this situation that Assault Infantry are defending? When I was attacking! Must be a bug..