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    Great video! Wished it existed when I first started the game.

    The idea that lemming could be a counter for flower is interesting and new to me. But how does it work? Why would lemming be a good counter for flower? I will surely try this out when i have the chance


    Im not sure why or how exactly lemmings countering flower works. I personally never used lemmings until i found out about this when enemy alliance destroyed my flowers in AWT using lemmings.

    I have few theories as to why though. Logically offensive flower and lemmings should have kinda similar results vs defensive flower (or even worse). But maybe because the stacks in lemmings attack at different time periods, the damage of each stack/first attack is distributed differently among defensive flowers petals. This of course implies that damage is not distributed equally between the petals of a flower (thus implying that splash damage mechanics works differently than i initially thought). Another reason can be a hidden mechanic that gives attacker an advantage, which lemmings abuses effectively vs a flower.

    Again though, im not really sure about any of this. What i do know though is that petal size has significant role when it comes to countering a flower. Time between the lemmings petals (or stacks, idk how to refer to them at this point) has a role as well. If i remember correctly, the lemmings vs flower example i have in the video uses about 30 sec to 1 min gaps.

    So I just made a new tutorial on some of the tactics I've learned since I started making videos. Took me a long time to make it (I wasn't even sure if I was going to at first) but I finally did. If you guys have any comments on it or recommendations it will be greatly appreciated!

    One thing that I really appreciated in Legacy was the option to switch to pins. I think this will be a great addition to the current UI as a homage to the original java UI. Would probably fit better than in legacy actually.

    It could also increase the performance on 500 map, as currently the tags bug and do not display information when high number of individual stacks are present.

    Never been a big fan of legacy because it killed off java version. One thing that I dislike with the current version however is that the standard map mode is set to "Show relations".

    First impressions are important, especially for a strategy game. I don't believe relations map mode is the right setting to have as the default for the game. Supremacy is colorful and each country is an individual. Starting with that is in my opinion more attractive than bland green and brown of relations map mode. It is a tool to use and not what supremacy 1914 is.

    I quit the game for years after they removed java version, still hurts today.

    You will be back in a few years. As sad as it is, at the end of the day its still supremacy 1914.


    There are many visual filters that allow you to get a "clean" view of the map but one thing you can not filter out is the movement of troops. It might not be an issue for some but I often find myself unable to share screenshots of the game so I dont risk revealing something important. Think adding this filter would make shearing maps much easier, and hopefully more common.

    I might be biased here since I want this for my youtube content, but im sure casual players would appreciate the addition of this filter too.

    Was initially a bit skeptical about this but when it comes to gameplay I think this will be an amazing change. I rarely see balloons used even in the endgame and thats a shame since it is the only unit capable of defending against enemy air units. It is also the only unit that requires Gas to be produced so this change will increase strategical value of Gas as well (IMO).

    On smaller maps it will also contribute to diplomacy by allowing players to be more informed. There were many cases when I didnt check in for few hours and when I came back and saw enemy mobilizing, it was already too late. In addition, when neighbor places balloon next to you its indication of something, which should motivate players to communicate more.

    To sum it up. Making balloons more accessible will reduce the need to be glued to your screen at all times, especially when fighting air units where the only option you have is splitting. That should reduce the snowballing with air units and introduce more challenging gameplay, giving smaller nations and casual players a fighting chance. Diplomacy wise it is also important since information is power. Hopefully this change will be implemented and the battlefield will look like the one in the background of this forum