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    I am not sure if this is a bug or I am just missing something. I have been playing almost two months now. My first game, my coalition won and carried 2/3 of the points. I say this so you realize this is not my first day of play.

    I noticed this happen twice to me on two different games. the first time I was friends with an AI. I set my troops up on his providences. I made sure I out numbered him. On one province with no fort. I had 38 he had 20. I started attacking him with artillery against another province with a fort. I had to step away and when I came back all my troops were gone. the 38 troop force had like 5 left and when i clicked onto the AI troops I noticed he only had less than 6 die. I clicked on to my troops originally having 38 men, and the action said they were idle. But they were under attack by the AI. I have seen this happen on my other games on several occasions.

    What am I missing here? My troops should automatically defend them selves when they get attacked, Right? I understand Artillery units you can hold fire but these were simple troops. These troops can be in a fort or in open space. Why is this happening?

    oh by the why I play mostly on mobile.