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    With 0 replies since February 4th, I think you're asking too much XDDD

    I'm willing to start an alliance with you if you haven't found a proper one that suits your needs already; and you guessed it I'm not a cheater.

    If we start our own alliance its value would be in the fact that we won't accept cheaters. Pretty solid if you ask me... Let me know what you think.

    Hello everyone,

    I've been trying to understand submarines from discussions already posted before. However, information about subs is rather vague I believe.

    I'm still having difficulties in understanding the following and I was hoping for someone to clarify that for me;

    1. When do subs get spotted: Some say they get spotted by cruisers and Battleships once they enter their viewing range, is that true? Or is it that only when subs attack cruisers that they get spotted? Also, can balloons spot subs?

    2. Do subs remain spotted after an attack? If yes, for how long?

    3. Can subs be spotted when they get too close to other players' provinces. For example, if I have no relations with South USA (No right of way, and no share maps, just neutral), can they spot me if I get too close to their provinces as I'm scouting with the submarine? If the answer is yes, when do I get spotted? How close can I get?

    4. How many fighters and also how many bombers does it take to kill a sub?

    Thank you for your help, I very much appreciate it! ^^

    Hi there,

    A spy cannot capture a province.

    Mainly, spies are limited to three functions; gathering information (intelligence) about any and all provinces you put them in, exhausting the economic resources of a province (economic sabotage), and damaging buildings and slowing the production of units (Military sabotage).

    Bonus tip: Spies can also be caught if they were employed in a province that has active defense spies in place.

    I'm not sure if I was able to answer your second question as well, but I hope that was helpful for you. :)