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    I have been reported for multi accounting in game #4074311, a 100 player map and I have not cheated. I have received the multi account warning, and it says I log into two accounts on same computer. It is day four. All I have done is backstab allies to gain land quick , this is a wrong report. How to reverse this?

    I get temp banned in the chat just because I agree with Legacy being removed. Others get pissed and I get banned. Why does it happen to me?

    Fools. No point in complaining. Removing this outdated mode just improves the game even more, you guys just have to adapt. Legacy took too many resources for 5%. You guys should be happy Bytro is attempting to improve the game by cutting off this obsolete mode. My desktop from 2010 can handle it, yours should too.

    By eliminating Legacy they can do this and more! Legacy is outdated and old. It took up too many resources from the dev team. Instead of working on two modes, they can work on improving one and introduce cross play. They can also make other improvements faster because they have more free developers. It's just like java mode. Outdated, and underused.