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    As my game goes deeper with more units on the field and the battles become more intense, it gets increasingly harder to play the game with the new version.

    Here are some more thoughts; Some have already been mentioned earlier, but I feel it's important to keep those ideas from getting buried in a long thread.

    1: Needs smaller icons

    2: Remove the little flag beside each group of units, greatly adds to clutter and are very unnecessary

    3: Highlight the icon green or red rather than the number of units

    4: Please go back to the way legacy mode shows the stack composite

    5: Very hard to tell where your units are located without using pin mode

    6: Very important to add coalition flags to the field, otherwise it takes constant clicking to keep intel on your neighbors.

    Devs need to understand that S1914 is a niche game and will never become a mainstream hit. It needs to be simple, clean and easily playable. It is very important to gather information at a glance, whether you are zoomed out to look at a country or continent or up close as possible to your units. With the new version there seems to be many more clicks needed to gather the same information than before. The game has become far more cumbersome to play, which seems to be counterproductive and opposite to the desired outcome.

    I'm trying to get used to the new map, but it's tough. I do have to use pin mode, as the army mode is too cluttered and confusing with several groups in one area.

    I do have some thought's about the new revamp;

    1: A bolder font for unit numbers to make it easier to see at a glance.

    2: Resource icons could be slightly bigger

    3: Would prefer is the DE and Diplomacy menus showed 10 countries instead of 4, but no biggee

    4: Larger border lines for better definition of countries. It gets confusing when 2 countries the same color are side by side.

    5: Sorry, but the circle flags look dumb and there is no coalition flags on the field.

    6: Cannot use the entire "Game Settings" menu, the "Join Alliance" banner gets in the way of the last 4 icons.

    I have played this game since Beta, when only 1 map existed. I understand what the Devs are trying to do because the game is slowly bleeding players. However, the old map is not the real issue as to why the game is losing long time players. I think we all know what the "elephant in the room" really is and the refusal of anyone to adjust how it is used. When someone finally decides to take on that issue, you will see the bleeding of players come to an end.