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    For many years Bytro has had a premium currency known as Gold Marks. Purchased Gold Marks (using a credit card) of equal value or cost depending upon the server you get a cheaper price e.g. Russian is always less expensive than or English server purchases.

    There are several ways in which to obtain this premium currency which is very confusing because there are some limits on how this premium currency can be used, e.g. Gold Marks obtained from winning maps or earned by volunteers doing their work for Bytro are not allowed to be used to help allies; this classification of Gold Marks is only allowed to be used for your own country. Bytro also sells Gold Marks via a Bonus system which for 1st time purchaser’s ultimately rises to 1000% Bonus, (a practice which is literally cultivating a class of multi accounts players/cheaters which intentionally wait to cash in on the 1000% Bonus)

    I would like to suggest a Platinum Premium Currency which can be obtained ONLY by purchasing at a set rate across all servers and is of greater value than Gold Marks (perhaps 5x or10x). Key to this Ultimate Premium currency is that it is Universal and can NOT be discounted or Bonus driven as a selling point.

    I know many complain about the P2W aspect of all Bytro games this Ultimate Premium currency would be a way in which Bytro could increase profits while simultaneously limiting the confusion of Gold Marks , possibly also limiting the new wave of Multi Account player base seeking to cash in on the 1000% on 1st time purchase Bonus offers. Ultimate Premium currency could also be used to implement a "Scorched earth Option", which would allow Bytro's biggest whales to Burn down all their country's upgrades when they are losing, would be a great way to get huge whales to spend more to fight each other.Thank you for consideration of this suggestion.

    Kind Regards, Hastings TNT

    How do you get into a game with the big Whales...?

    I'm only allowed to play the first two maps at this point....

    BullDozer777 is the only player that I have met who gave me a hard time.... I want to run into more...

    Bytro should take note of this: If there is not a way to catapolt into higher level games fairly quickly players will simply lose interest and stop playing....