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    Just my view

    Have been playing since 2009 - - Field Marshall at present

    Liked the game a lot and enjoyed playing with people of the same ilk

    Now that legacy has been removed -cant play any more

    Did try a few years back and last week but the GUI was an utter mess in 'my' eys

    Am sure that some people like it -- maybe they had no choice as an option may not have been given to them

    But to folks who have played with the legacy system for a number of years, learning a new style of GUI that is overloaded with graphics, does not add to the game but only distracts from it is a pain

    I am not going to spend my time learning or trying to learn on a system when I know the better one is still there

    I Will look back in a few weeks to see if anything changes, if not will leave for good

    I am one in 1,000's so am sure it won't be a great loss but am sure there are quite a few people like me