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    Hey, Guys!

    First things first:

    Had to register again after finding out, I didnt have a user on this forum anymore. Might have gotten erased, when completely shutting off the old forum years ago. I resent both these actions. Looks like its happening again with the legacy client so... :P

    On topic now:

    I see the point, you want to attract new players with fashy graphics, 3d-elements and hovering all over. You might do so, but give the "old breed" a choice NOT to use it!

    Concerning the question, what to adapt to the new client, lots of things of the right kind have already been stated.
    The bottom line is as follows: Give the new client a real "small/simple UI"-switch.

    Settings as simple as possible:

    - Pins for armies

    - "red" markings for enemy

    - simple stack numbers, when zooming into too many units (3 arty, 23 inf...)

    - simple colours, (1st lesson cartography was: Use pastel-colours)

    - turn off animations at will

    - snapping on borders/coasts/cities (so I safely know, the unit is at point)

    - Province Manager: nice, but add a "compact view/small symbols"-switch

    - to be continued...

    A small choice of switches will still be possible to run with new client, right?