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    there shouldn't be an effect. On normal maps, troop production is determined by (i) barracks, (ii) whether province is double or single resource, and (iii) province morale.

    Maybe you tend to station troops when you just captured the province (low morale). And when morale is higher, you moved them away. So you mistakenly attribute the faster recruitment speed to troops being garrison instead of province morale?

    "I could see my enemies all armies positions and count, same happened, one of the enemies could see mine. In some games I had spikes on some parts of armies and movements without share of map."

    • This could be due to intel from espionage (spies)

    "Shown travel times do not match with actual travel time."

    • Sometimes, indicated travel times are not updated to take into account newly capture provinces, railway etc..

    "At some spots on map when arty ordered to attack, its just do not attack."

    • I sometimes experience this as well, don't know how to solve it.

    "When enemy are in my arty range, arty do not open fire and enemy could get into melee range without 0 shots from my arty, same I could do to enemy"

    • Maybe the artillery is set to 'return fire' or lower firing mode?

    "Bomber attacking to moving target ( ship ), bomber gets to old position and sharp turn like 110 degree and adds 15 minutes to airplanes travel time."

    • This happens when the target has a substantial change in position since the bomber took off.

    "Submarine got stack in the middle of North America and could not move it."

    • I have seen this happened before too.. Don't know how to solve it.

    I have the same frustrations. What i do is to play bigger maps, say 100p or 500p maps so that even if many people drop out, there are usually enough remaining to provide competition.

    The difference is that the 'mobilization' is different. One is 50% and the other is 100%. Mobilization can affect damage.

    For more info, look at section 3.4.5 in this post [INDEX] Frequently Asked Questions

    To add to that, mobilization starts of at 50% when the game starts, and it increases to 100% over a few days (i think 3 days if i remember correctly).

    could be because:

    - the target is already killed on the first bombing run (likely because of the 'split stack' method)

    - the target moved out of your bomber range

    - your airfield got destroyed (e.g., by espionage)

    So I just made a new tutorial on some of the tactics I've learned since I started making videos. Took me a long time to make it (I wasn't even sure if I was going to at first) but I finally did. If you guys have any comments on it or recommendations it will be greatly appreciated!

    Great video! Wished it existed when I first started the game.

    The idea that lemming could be a counter for flower is interesting and new to me. But how does it work? Why would lemming be a good counter for flower? I will surely try this out when i have the chance

    It could be that they stationed troops at all your provinces, and that you left your provinces (almost) empty. So all it takes is for them to declare war, and all your provinces will be captured by them immediately. When a player has no provinces left, all his units will immediately disappear.

    So I dont think this is a glitch...

    maybe you find AI difficult because it behaves differently from the past and you still don't understand its behavior. But if you play a little more with this new AI, you will find that it is fairly predictable.

    What I usually do with AIs is:

    1) For some provinces which I can access from two directions, I will send a small number of infantry from one direction (see screenshot).

    2) Use ranged units (artillery/ships) from another directions to draw their troops out of the fortresses. Try to use only 1 artillery to fire at the stack in the fortress. This reduces the damage to the buildings in that province, and you can use the 2nd artillery to fire at the fortress right after to lure out the remaining troops. Usually, two shots are enough to lure all the units out. But occasionally, 3 shots are needed, and very rarely, AIs dont get lured out.

    3) After shooting, have the artillery fall back.

    4) When the fortress is vacant, the infantry can capture the province from the other side.

    5) Once you captured the province, the terrain movement penalty will slow down the enemy troops movement, making it easier to hit and run. Also, your artillery will no longer damage the buildings.

    Obviously, this is just a rough guide, some changes are needed depending on situation.

    how is it possible to unlock the pacifist medal?

    i mean is it even possible to win map with just developing what you have?

    the description says no retirement ,, so how do you reach 1500-1000 points in game without fighting .. letting your allies do the fighting? does that even count for the coaliltion victory? or is there another way to do it?

    It says without STARTING a war, not without BEING in a war.

    Having said that, I don't have this medal yet. Its not easy, but possible I guess.

    Articles about trade embargoes have been removed from the Daily European to make sure that you do not miss any essential information in the newspaper.

    Maybe just to give my feedback.

    I personally find trade embargo news in the DE to be quite useful. It is something I actively monitor. What I do is that I will filter the DE by "Myself", and if I see a neighbouring AI country trade embargoed me, this is a clear signal that this country may declare war on me in the near future. I will therefore have to reposition my troops.

    To a lesser extent, it can sometimes also be useful to know if one of my enemies received new trade embargo.

    Of course, with this change, I can still check for trade embargoes by other means, but it was nice previously where all the important pieces of information are in the newspaper.

    In game

    - Its funny that 1soldier has same upkeep like 1bomber or 1battleship... I think so here will be better make some differences.

    - Could be ggod idea to make from oil something like fuel, when oil is gone, tanks, ships, planes will stop in place where they are.

    In this game, 1 infantry represents 1 *infantry brigade* and 1 bomber represents *1 bomber brigade*. So i think it makes sense that both brigades consume similar level of resources. Some fine tuning could be possible (like slightly different level of oil consumption), but the current set-up seems plausible to me.

    Your point about oil shortage: there is a game mechanics in place that takes this into account (though in a somewhat different way as you suggested). See the point about' Mobilisation' in this page ([INDEX] Frequently Asked Questions).