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    Is this a joke? I came back to the game, out of curiosity, and somehow you are attempting to milk it even harder? Who asked for this? We already have plenty of p2w. This is a strategy game, not who can hoard cards the best before using them.

    Let it go guys. I have too. Finishing my saves and thats goodbye for me. We gave the same feedback over and over again over the years. We said everything that was wrong whith the new UI and no one fixed it. This game is no longer for us, and the new comunity that grew playing this UI doesnt mind it since they never played legacy. They dont know that they are missing out and that was the plan all the time.

    Time to move on. If anyone know similar games, try those.

    Same. Attempting to finish my current games in this awfull UI where i can barely understand whats going on, but we have to accept it. The new comunity seems to enjoy this, though to be fair most of them never tried legacy anyway. I wish bytro could have kept the 2 modes, im a paying costumer and i feel betrayed despite knowing this would happen eventualy.

    Its time for the old guard to retire, wish better luck to the new comunity.

    Thank you. The return of legacy mode is a unexpected surprise, but a welcome one. If you can make the new mode as clear and user friendly as supremacy in the next months, im sure the comunity will be more receptive towards it.

    This is so true. I also caused already 2 unitentional wars whith AI because of the pathfinding, something that never happened to me before. I also saw some other players having the same issue.

    Very interesting ideas. I do agree, i had similar experience whith w7 to 10. Its a great comparrison but is the new mode truly w10 , or actualy w8? I would say as it is, whith no changes, the new mode is w8. Not user friendly, unecessary, a step backwards from legacy. I say this beause just like i did whith w8, im actualy giving a shot to the new mode, but i still havent found the "oh this isnt that bad actualy" moment. What i keep finding is frustration, and a bigger and bigger desire to return to "w7". Maybe whith further updates and good feedback, the new mode might become "W10". But atm. I dont see it. And the irony of this new mode is the more i play the current round whith it and the game naturaly gets bigger and whith more units, all the disavantages become more and more apperant. The reasons for this ive already said in other posts, and a lot of people have made good feedbacks about it. So whoever designs the Ui has some decent material to work whith.

    I do hope the devs can turn this arround.

    Ic3, nothing in life is apples to apples for a comparison, not even apples.
    The point I try to make, is that the game remains. Graphics, controls and features change as the player base changes to support their expectations because things in life and technology advance or digress.
    I played 'PONG' when it was first introduced. I would not waste the time now to do so, but back in the day, it was amazing.
    My expectations have changed drastically from those early days, and simple is not always best, especially when compared to the success of the CoW franchise. You build on success at the expense of established norms at times.
    This is one of those times. Legacy, like Java, will be a memory that will rival my recollections of "PONG' as time marches on.

    Fun in it's time. But that time has passed.

    Everything you say is true. However it is also true that some games dont appear to ever die. Or even outlive their sucession. The reason you left pong is because the expectations today are better and more refined., but poing is still pong. Supremacy isnt dead. People still want to play it. And this is , imo, not a case of a a shift in player base. Yea, whithout legacy the game will still move on, but imagine AoE2 had an update that completely changed the UI for something objectively worse. Its not a matter of what the players expect, is a matter of product quality decreasing. Unfortely, gaming in the last years have had their expectations very low which allows companies to do some "interesting" actions, specialy attempting to appeal to a mobile market.

    Fun in its time. I agree. I used to love MMOs now cant stand them. But i still want to play supremacy, i havent outgrown supremacy. Most people left my game after the new mode became mandatory. I stick arround, i give every shot i can to this UI, but it just makes the game worse. Yea fun has passed, not because i outgrew a game, but because the game outgrew me to something i belive is worse. I dont belive im alone. And the fact after 1year+ of adding the new mode people still have the pitchforks out because they do still enjoy supremacy.

    Pong is a good example actualy. The game is what it is, still similar to what it was. If you do enjoy the game, you can do it right now. But making an UI this bad means i want to play a game, but cant force my self to fight an awfull AI that barely lets me see whats going on. At least pong is... pong.

    The thing is, legacy was a step forward from java. Imo legacy was a big improvement to java, ive seen a few arguments against it but they are far and weak. I havent played much of this game in the java era, but i took the liberty to refresh my memory whith the images. The new mode is a step back. If legacy was a clearer and simpler UI to java version, the new version is the exact oposite.

    So although its true players sometimes complain about every change to what they are used to, i dont think the situation is exactly the same

    Btw i forgot to say this in my first post. Many people already pointed this out, the icons are bloody huge. I can barely understand whats going on when a car is the size of a province, boats the size of countries. Rework this, make them much smaller and less impactefull on disturbing the view, and have low graphics mode be as similar as possible to legacy mode

    please direct all comments about legacy mode to this thread [S1914] Legacy-Removal Feedback Thread so that we may hear everyone's criticisms, feelings and feedback. thank you!

    Yea i have already, just talking to my friend here. Im sure its unconfortable that people are spreading the discontent around but tough luck. I made my criticism in the apropriate thread, but im still free to discuss the theme in other threads if the topic comes to conversation.


    Never played on legacy mode? You poor soul, at least you dont need to feel the pain of not having legacy mode. Good sugestions, but we keep telling them the amount of problems in the new mode they dont care. Its amazing how a few of these were not an issue in legacy.

    As soon as my round is over, bye. I created a forum account just to give them my feedback but its pointless. We already told them a milion times, they do not care.

    Fools? I think you are the one trolling. If your desktop from 2010 can handle the new UI then you have never been in a 500p map, owning 1000+ provinces and more then 10.000+ units to move around. Lets see how your desktop handles that. I bet it explodes as my freshly new build desktop from 1 year back cant handle it.

    And when I look at your profile you dont have any medals for 500p maps so no, you have never been in a late stage of a big map before. + your account was created in 20 november 2020 so you have never played the Legacy mode. You are not really in a position to say things that you are saying right now.

    Ignore the trolls, dont answer them it makes them proud. All players that actualy care about this game know the truth.

    Take care

    I feel everything we say is and will go into empty ears. Its clear as day. Most of the comunity does not like the new mode. If you are too proud to admit this, at least let us use legacy mode. There are multiple reasons the new mode is worse, i will list a few of them:

    -The icons, huge, awfull, prevents you from getting a clear view of what is going on

    -The only way to even use the new map imo, is whith the "low grapics" mode. Thats how bright and awfull the standard version is

    -You cant even easily tell if a player is inactive or not, and sometimes is staright up impossible if they lost their capital

    -You almost have to bring a microscope to understand if someone built factories or not

    -The icons, again, so so bad.

    -The new UI is also terrible, overcomplicated, i miss having the view of the actual town, much better. This is clearly a mobile AI. But most of your veteran playerbase prefers PC, keep that in mind cause we are also the ones who buy more goldmark.

    - Cant use anonimity in newspaper

    -Everythings feels too big or bigger then it had to be. Cough cough mobile port cough


    -Its cool to see when the next attack ticks

    -The journal looks cool... i guess, and still uses the old legacy for the overall world image, which is ironic...

    -The administritive view is pretty much the same, but actualy sligthly worse if you have a lot of provinces, but at least you didnt try to change it.

    - I like the bar whith the resources, looks decent

    -Can see the aproval ratings, not a very important mechanic, but at least can see it.

    I honestly do not belive you can make the new mode better or even close to the legacy mode whithout completely making it from scratch. My sugestion? Keep the legacy mode, leave the new mode for mobile or for anyone that prefers it, and patch the ocasionaly bug in legacy. Im sure you can manage having 2 modes and not go bankrupt.

    Forcing everyone to play on these mode and creating a post for us to complain just shows that you know how much we hate this mode and just refuse to accept it. This was the first and last time i will talk in this forum cause i honestly feel like it all falls in unreceptive ears. I have tried the new mode, i do not like it. And if keep getting forced to play whith it, i will leave this game as soon as my current round is over.