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    1. In this new version, the map is now very confused and visibly polluted. Many drawings mixed and even countries, it is difficult to know who is who in the game. This shows how much money is spent on professionals who do not understand customer satisfaction, but understand how to create projects to prove useful to their bosses. They threw a treasure in the trash, as it was valuable and simple to throw. Your luck is that the new users did not know the legacy mode. Well, this new version, I didn't like it, and honestly, it lost the fun of playing Supremacy. I've been a member since 2015, and today, I'm saying goodbye to Supremacy.
    2. Did I just read a message, which will now be advertised in the middle of the game? They will donate goldmarks to the players to be watching advertisements. Is that serious? It's time to abandon Supremacy! These system developers are destroying Supremacy.