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    i was playing on the latest domination (ice n steel),
    the 1st player of the map was about to loose. He send some message (i guess) to an old inactiv player (since day2-3, we were day 40). That one came back into the game and gave him an alliance pacte, throwing his troops on mine. I don't even know if they knew each other, may be not, but that kind of move should not be allowed. I agree with ya all. A limite should exist, at least in the dominion map, and even more on the mesopotamian one

    that's it !
    Some automatic bot exist on discord but i know nothing about them i don't know how they work so i don't even know if this is a realistic option
    i guess this would not be a simple feature you create in 2 days and it would need some time and some work but ... still seems a really good idea to me

    i think we cannot think of another elephant :D
    But this is true : the pay-to-win system is showing his limit in every game
    new game that still work on that old sad system usually die with no one remember them
    supremacy without PTW system, i'm dreaming but hey, it's christmas

    The message system IG should not be removed as they are the first attempt to contact your neighbor. Blue spy are still usefull then : you can spot the first alliances even if they are no shared vision.
    And to be honest if i use blue spy i will be looking to the ressource's information or the building's information. Did someone already won a game because he spotted some messages ?

    I would add : asking to someone you don't know to come on your discord to speak freely is now a very common way to meet new player and enlarge alliances :) I think this game has an unexplored social potential that could appear thanks to discord.

    You'd mean like linking the supremacy chat to a discord chat so that messages written on supremacy show up there and vice versa?

    Not exactly,
    i was thinking about the push notification mobile users will recieve.
    Discord could serve as a computer platform, sending notification in case of war declaration ect ...

    About the spying, i don't agree with Demonaire. During WWI (and WW2), some messages were catched but some were hiden under a coded message. Discord (or skype or whatever) has imho the same function. You can speak there on a secured line. Someone want to discover what you are saying ? You could try to spy with blue the message where the discord servor's link is ! :D And then, being carreful, you enter anonymously the discord of your ennemy, take the information, and go out running without being catched, like a spy. ^^ Well that's just my imagination but it doesn't seem unfair to me.

    Lot of players (most of them ?) are now using discord as an alliance plateform or just to discut a game without being catch by blue spy. I think we can say today discussion about supremacy are happening more inside the discord platform than inside the game discussion. Wouldn't that be a solution to link supremacy to discord with a bot app for exemple ? I do know nothing about how it could work so i don't even know if this would be possible. But it would be a really nice feature if you'd do so.

    There are still serious bug when you change your flag or profil's picture ... On revamp version the game just choose a random pic at your place litteraly trolling you.
    I just accused some random guy to steal my flag and my profil's picture but when i switched to legacy i realised it was just a huge bug placing random pic in the revamp. And no chances, those pic were mine. Flag and profil's picture are still working normally on the legacy but doesn't correspond when you switch to revamp.

    new look (those are my usual flag and profil pic) and legacy

    i apologize to that poor guy ofc 8o
    but i don't remember having read something about that bug

    that's why i wrote "something similar" and not "the same" x)
    but you're right i guess, i don't see how they could even do something similar, except by linking the game to discord ? like a supremacy bot on discord ? could be great


    The update a few days ago is already much better than before. It is now easier to understand who is where . But there are still some probleme with the "with what". I hope they are working on it. "1 arty and 50 tanks" is still the same as "50artys with 1 tank", even if it makes two totally different groups. You also changed the ressource's picture's position next to a city, wich prevent bug as we had before ;) well done. The colour also are now better and more accurate with the stick.

    Now that I'm pretty used to the new look, I would like to precise some point that -imho- still need to be fixed.

    1) The size of the range, no matters what kind of ranged unit it is. Look at the arty for exemple : when you order them to attack, the arty's range visual is a little further than it should ! The legacy version have the advantage of precision, and every good player know that precision can make you win a battle, so a map.
    We can't play with such imprecision. It is REALLY important that you fix the exact range on the exact location of an army/city, or the last precision tool we will have will be the timer :(
    My cp has got difficulty to post picture here, so i give you 2 links to understand what I'm talking about.
    new and legacy

    2) The border between 2 land are a bit too large. Again, it is a problem of precision. Some player use that border to trick the enemy, as the border point has some mechanics you can use. But to do so, you need to see properly and exactly where the border is. Maybe the solution can be found in the legacy version : with a transparent coloured border and a small black line (size of a tick) doing the 'real' border.

    3) Factories and airport need better visibility on the map, but still on a discreet way. Maybe could you make the smoke a little bigger, or more white ?

    4) We can't know anymore if other player's units are going to war or are just walking.
    This picture to understand my thought.
    Look at the 28 with cavalry. I dont have a screen for the same situation seen from the legacy version. But i can assure you I could see the war lightning on the legacy version. With the new look, i can't know if those units are going to war or not before they reach their destination.

    Thank you for reading and keep doing the good job. The last update really was a good update, but is still not sufficient for now :)

    None of the games on the home page are full. Even the one at 300+ days. My game after a couple of days only has 5 active players the highest ranked of whom is a Sergeant

    30 players and less are indeed pretty empty.

    You should try 100 and 500 players to get some challenge with higher ranked

    edit : the event that take places every month / 2month are good challenges too

    i can't see anything, this is really ugly :( can't play like that ! i really hope you dev will fix this fastly because you won't just loose old player with that revamp but you won't get any new ! my eyes are bleeding right now y.y i did force myself to play on revamp and not on legacy, but i can't do it anymore, this actual version is reaaaally bad.
    Look at this ? Where are the units ? i know stick view will help me but i don't want to switch stick every time i cannot understand what is right in front of me.
    Honestly, you need a revamp of this revamp asap ! if you want players to get used to the new look, you can't make them play on a shity map like this, sorry for that words but ... it is really bad work you did, for now at least. You didn't release a beta but an alpha :'(


    why are the units so big ? it is so unclear ! it is not an artistic game about WWI, it is A STRATEGY GAME. In a strategy game, what should come first ? a good vision of the map and the capacity to understand fastly the state of a game, or is this the 3D units moving around the map ? NO ONE cares about 3D units, every one care 10x more about the strategic side. If you wan't good pic of WWI, they are already plenty of game. Don't get wrong in the way you are changing this game.

    Sorry for hard word, i felt i had to say it honesly. It is not like it need some minor fix. The revamp need HUGE fix to be accepted by your community.

    Have a nice day

    Thank you for this advice. I reposted this in a more accurate thread, with a more complete opinion. May be this thread can be deleted, as all i said here is also said in my new post ^^

    As i understood, this is the place to give our opinion about the new look.

    I already gave my opinion in other thread, but i posted it in a wrong channel. I repost it here, hoping some people will agree with me about what could be better.

    1 ) It was already said many time, but we should be able to distinguish in a quick look how many infantery and arty are composing an army without having to click on it.

    2 ) the flag next to an army is way to big, and it can easily be confused with other flag when they are many army in a close place. Specially when you zoom out the map.

    3 ) The units representing the army on the map are too big also. It may be because i'm still not used to the new look. But the problem is the same as the flag's problem. Whenever 2 armies (or more) are close, it becomes a bit confusing to say clearly who is who. May be is there some improvement to do about the "stick" that connect the units to the road. Some where crossing (doing a x ) without apparent reason. (link)

    4 ) On the opposit, the planes are not visible enough. I almost missed a whole crew of bombers yesterday because it was represented with a single little bomber. With the old look, you can spot bombers from further (if they are attacking a place you can see, you will be able to spot the bombers at the moment they leave their airport, whenever this airport is in your visual range or not). This is no longer possible with the new look, and you will spot them at the moment they enter your visual range. Such threat as bombers should take your attention more easily. May be by enlarging them a little and puting one more bombers on the map each 5 bombers ? By bombers, i mean bombers and fighters both.

    5 ) Last one : the picture showing the province's ressource is placed next to the name of the province when this province is the capital. It can be easily confused with other ressource's picture. (link)
    May be removing the picture next to the capital's name could be the solution, placing the ressource's picture next to the city, capital or not.

    Btw : i like how water looks (but still didn't fight in the sea with the new look), the colour are more pleasant and relaxing, and the game goes 5x time faster on my cp with the new look ;) Also, i find the information about condition, cost, time, ... are still easy to find and more complete than before.

    English is not my mother langage, sorry if they are mistake.

    Not sur this is the right place in the forum.

    May be it would be great to be able to see quickly what an army is composed of. For now, i just have a big number with some armoured tank, but i have to click on it to see the exact composition of the army. Or at least showing the inf and the arty, then a number for what's left, keeping it small.

    Also, the flag next to the group are way to big imho, making it even more difficult to understand fastly who is where with what.

    Thanks for reading