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    Hello, i found out that you removed the option to talk to other players once a round has ended. I understand that you turn of diplomacy so that your servers do not waste much energy on a finished game. But cant this option be available for 1 day after the game has ended? I enjoy it to talk to my fellow coalition members so that i can say gg.

    I am just wondering: is it so hard to just hit the undo button for the update of yesterday? The province manager tool is clearly not functioning. It lags like crazy and it is just not possible to operate this tool with the outlining of the buildings to the left, the removal of double resources, the ridiculous window size etc.

    Just admit your mistakes? We ask you to update the visuals and what do you do? You update the province manager tool. And you did not do a good job on that :) I am currently clicking on my double resource cities individually and i am just building bombers and battleships because they cost a lot and i want to use my resources. The province manager tool is no longer usable with this lag. If i build something in the manager it just does not happen, and then when i refresh it did happen and then i have to open the window again and so on? This raises 1 simple question: why? Why dont you just revert this downgrade? I cant imagine that there is a single player with an IQ above 0 that thinks: wauw it is much better now.

    And please do test your updates before launching them!

    One other thing that has not been raised yet: in legacy mode there was a circle around the cities (the green one). I used this circle as an indicator for how close my troops could go without engaging in battle. I do miss this circle, or another indicator for this? There was also uncertainty about armies fighting range in legacy, so this might be something that has to be fixed once and for all. I often lost artillery that were to close to combat, even though they were behind my army. It was sometimes hard to predict.

    And yes, the new province manager is not easy to use! Why is it all lined out to the left? Why do we have to use more clicks to sort our buildings? Why is the window size so small? Why do we have to make it larger each time that we log on to the game? etc...

    The removal of legacy mode made me sick to my stomach. I loved this game, i have been playing since 2014 (or even earlier, i had to made a second account). The new game mode makes me blind, i can no longer see what i am doing. I do not understand where my guys are and where they are going to. I have read all the posts in this forum, so i will not repeat what my fellow generals have already covered. I will just add a simple thing: how can i report a player or a message? There used to be a simple button for this, now it is gone (it has been gone for a while now, not from yesterday). I think that this button has to be brought back.

    Sadly enough this will be my last maps of Supremacy 1914. I have fought many battles, i am currently in the top 1000 players. I am a big fan of the 100 player maps, the 500 player maps take a bit to much of my concentration, but the 100 maps are perfect for me. Right now i am fighting on my own against an entire coalition of 4 players and i am beating them without GM. Or i was beating them? Hard to tell with the new visuals....

    And i am happy that you have told me why you have left me, my beloved Supremacy 1914, oh i am so happy that you have told me why you have forsaken me. Money! Of course it is money. You can now see adds on your mobile phone! Hooray, sponsors! And these sponsors want that your game is as shit as all the other mobile games! But it has to look good. And yeay, the new game mode is shit to play and it looks good! Hooray, money. Losing all the quality players that love spending hours on this game in the process? That does not matter of course, we have money now and a lot of new players who play this game for a week on their mobile phone! And they watch adds! Fantastic!

    Now i am forced to quit this game, this does make me a very sad person. This game has helped me through rough times, and it has certainly helped me through corona. But the removal of Supremacies legacy mode also brings me some joy, i will have more free time. I have lost a hobby now, but i will find a new one, or maybe i will even finally do some of the work that i have to do :)

    Anyway, take care fellow generals, maybe i will come back in a few years (if i have the time) to enjoy the game again. If they make their promised improvements. Or should i say downgrades? Because the legacy mode was soooo bad, lol. But right now it is over and out for me.

    PS: why is the the damn chat box open when i log into my games? It should be closed! I dont want to talk to other players :) I want to play the damn game... Now it is blocking like 1/4th of the screen. And i have to close it each time that i log in.

    And PPS: No other general has posted this yet if i recall correctly: Rebellion! It is nearly impossible to see if your cities are revolting or not?

    And even a PPPS: update the artillery animation. I cant see if they are firing or not? The legacy mode provided accurate info on the amount of shells shot.