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    First - the problem : Declining numbers of players and I assume , revenue.

    I can remember when 500p maps filled within hours ( and very little GM was being used openly).Now I see one 500p map that is more than 10 days old and still not full. Roleplay , alliance and tournament games are effectively gone .

    Second - the cause : Unlimited GM use ( Pay to Win).

    I understand that there are players who enjoy spending large amounts of GM and I assume this means large amounts of money , although not always ( and that should really bother the players who do). But I doubt if it is enough to support the game over much longer.

    I can deal with multi accounting , backstabbing and wolf packing - these are real world problems. Even the large numbers of quitters in the early game can be called luck. Uncontrolled Pay to Win is different - it's just like a child who ruins a game for fun - no strategy or skill ( sometimes it seems it actually is a child). This has become very common on all games.

    Third - the solution : GM free games

    S1914 is unique in that it is not just one game , but a multitude of different types , all constantly starting and ending . It needs to try at least one more before it is too late ( maybe it already is ). A GM free game using a GM ( specified as bought not earned) entry fee was tried in an alliance tournament but not promoted or supported very well. Although it was not very popular ( for several reasons) , there are no alliance tournaments using GM left either. This should cut down the number of early quitters also. Keep GM use games for those who like it . See what survives. Keep HC and add anything that does not have the potential to significantly alter the game result. Email all accounts and tell them it's available - good luck.