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    I think you misunderstood how the victory is determined.

    There is no separate ranking for coalition and solo win. There is only a single ranking. The coalition vs. solo differentiation determines the amount of goldmark reward. For example, the first place reward will NOT be given for BOTH a coalition and a solo player.

    There is, however, a 'modifier' such that each victory point of a solo player has a greater weight than that of a coalition. You can read this post for more information: Game Rewards and Payouts

    In short, if you remain as a solo palyer, you will not get the first place goldmark reward for solo win.

    ScaredyCat Thank you for the response. I guess I am still just a little confused.

    If I can just explain the game I'm currently in:

    I'm 4th place for Points, and the game is about to end. I am not in a coalition but every other player from the guy with the most points, to the guy in 10th place are all in coalitions. If this game ends with me not joining a coalition, will i get the 4th place gold payout, or will my payout depend on if I have more points than an entire team? Every of the 5 coalitions has more points than me when you look at their combined score, so would I get no gold?

    Also the guy with the most points just so happens to be the guy leading the # coaliton as well. Would he technically get more gold if he disbanded his coalition right at the end of the game? Or would he only if he alone had more points than and entire coalition?

    Thanks Moldavi,
    we will take a look at the issue.

    Arcorian so if I am not in a coalition and I am the only player in a game that is not in a coalition, I will automatically win the solo 1st place prize if the game timer runs out, even if single members of coalitions have way more points than me?

    I ask because I am currently in a 500player game where i'm like 6th place but everyone else in the top 15 is in a coalition and i'm solo, will i get the 1st place gold for solo even though a coalition has way more poitns and members of coalitions have more points? I have an opportunity to join the #3 coalition and that would put them to #2 or #1 but I might get more gold if I end the game solo since everyone else is on a team?