Game Rewards and Payouts

  • Game rewards/payouts

    Currently the system that figures who and how much of a payout when the game ends is by the following.

    Both coalition and players not in the coalition are ranked in the same system. Now the ranking system is the percentage to the end game point goal. For normal games, solo players have the 1000 points to reach to win the game, for coalition its 1500 points. This means that if a solo player has 300 points (30%) compared to a coalition of 350 points (23.33%). Add in another solo player having 20% and a coalition 17% for the fallowing example.

    1st place winner will be the 30% player, payout is the first place reward+ points

    2nd place winner will be the 23.33% coalition team, payout is the 2nd coalition reward

    3rd place winner is the 20% player, payout is the 3rd place +points

    the 17% coalition will receive payout is 0 gms

    The index of power does not determine the winner or who is wining. In order to know who is winning please look for a number between your profile and your resources or it might be placed above your resources bar. If its not showing you might have to zoom out your browser (not the map) for it to show. That is what rank/place you are in the game. Legacy mode does not have this feature:!:

    When you click on the number you will be shown the rank/place you and fellow players are in along with what reward you may receive. Each map is different and that the legacy mode newspaper reward is not updated to show the new rewards/ranks.
    Also note that even inactive players are still in the ranking and will fill in the prized spots.

    When a player/s join a coalition they give up the chance of winning/counted as a solo player.

    In addition this means that all coalition members receive 0 gms that do not make it to the top reward rank needed.

    However the solo players that are active and have Index power points will receive gms = to their index points.

    Lastly if you become inactive the day the game ends you do not receive any rewards.

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