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    Now those teenagers found another weak spot in the game and they exploit it like no boddy's business. Dude sits 20 days in his safe zone and builds up fighter jets. now he attacks me from his safe zone with some artilleries and fighter jets... another dude attacks me with 1 artillery and 15 men he kills my 6 artilleries and 15 men while i sleep... So much for fair play... am done with this game!!!! :(:(:(:(:(

    I see the system has changed. Now we can not repair units with free won gold marks, have to use paid gold marks.. My question is; what are the free gold marks good for now then?

    is it even worth to bother?

    My appologies; when i tried to repair bombers it said "not enough paid gold marks to.." but it did repair them after i log out and log back in. Must be a glich

    I see the system has changed. Now we can not repair units with free won gold marks, have to use paid gold marks.. My question is; what are the free gold marks good for now then?

    is it even worth to bother?

    I was wondering if it was possible to hav an option to type %age of usage manualy instead of slide bar. Its really hard to get it to right % with slie bar. Would be great if there was a box on the side to type what %age we wanted to use, lets say, coal consumption

    A few thoughts..

    First, from the limited information available in your post, I am not convinced that this player is heavily using goldmarks.

    • Remember that this is a 4x speed game. I don't know how long this game had gone on for, but this level of building and units is easily achievable in 1 real life week (28 in-game days) without goldmark use.
    • Whether or not he has bought anything on the stock market is irrelevant and not indicative of goldmark use.
    • Also, this game is very much luck dependent. For example, it could be that two of his neighbours suicide-attacked each other and he manage to swop in to capture the provinces with little unit loss (and maybe even capture some of those provinces with high-level factories intact).
    • To really get greater clarity on whether he used large amount of goldmarks, we need to know how long the game has lasted, and you need to look at the newspaper to examine his development trajectory.

    Second, regardless of how he managed to get the units he got, you guys have a realistic chance of defeating him. Your game is not "ruined".

    • From your post, this guy does not have ANY artilleries. Given the importance of artilleries in this game, this indicates that he may not be very good at this game and that you guys have a decent chance of defeating him.
    • This is a 4x speed game, he needs to sleep/work and there are several of you up against him. Even if the time window is narrow, there would still have a sufficient time window for you to strike him when he is unavailable. Use artilleries to weaken his forces with no losses. Maybe the effects of this isn't too obvious in a single day, but it adds up over a few real life days.
    • If there are multiple players fighting him, you all have a natural advantage due to the morale penalty from war.
    • With good tactics and strategy, you can take out his mechanical units. Tanks can be countered by artilleries, you can split stack against his planes (while you gradually build fighters to counter his airforce). Railguns are relatively weak (mostly just for psychological effect). Battleships are more difficult to counter if he knows what he is doing, but battleship can only attack near the coast and has no effects inland. Read the strategy forum to learn more about the various tactics and tricks.

    Finally, maybe you will still end up losing, but

    • As someone already said, goldmark is part of the game
    • It is only through having these challenging fights that you become better at this game. See this as a learning opportunity to get better.

    i have to say, i agree with all of the above and i would like to say i love your strategic thinking.

    i appreciate that information. i always change diplomacy status but as you said popularity (honor points) been low does provoke the ai to attack, i guess its part of the game which i can relate into real life diplomacy... am just upset with those diclaring war and archiving game then you stuck with that war all they way to the end

    AI attacks arent the isue, if you diclare war on new target before attacking and not do suprise atack, AI's do not attack you. Ypu can controll that by making sure you do not hit attack before you diclare war under diplomacy. But desprate players whp usually are ,instructed by snakes diclaring war on you or attacking you to lower your nat,ons moral is a big pain i find enoying as hell

    I have simillar issue; a desprate player diclares war on you and archives the game upon a friend's request to make your life harder on a map. I wish after a while inactives and ai's could take decent action according to your honor points or something. 5% moral losses does make big difference especially on a solo map where you competing againt other 39 players

    Hi, a friend of min addressed province management's freezing up issue was fixed shortly after. Allot easier to use and allot more faster. However there is no enabeling and disabeling buildings such as barraks and railroads is an issue... hopping that will be fixed soon aswell