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    I'm presently playing a game in which my opponent's rail gun appears to be on an ordinary road spot (not on a RR). How is this possible?

    I read somewhere that it is possible to execute group movement, that is, movement of separate units as a group.

    How does one do that? The usual lassoing techniques seem not to work.

    Could SKS please explain the key strokes necessary to select a group for movement. Thanks.

    Ok. Here's the situation:

    I have infantry units in advance of a mixed artillery / infantry group. My opponent advance an infantry group on me but can't reach my mixed group because it is intercepted by my infantry units in front of the mixed group. Nevertheless my mixed group is under attack and loses both artillery units and some infantry all while being interdicted by my advanced infantry units.

    How is it possible for my opponent's infantry units to cause casualties to my mixed group? Is there some rule stating that if my artillery can cause casualties to his infantry that his infantry can cause casualties to my artillery? I thought the advantage of artillrty was that it could bombard without taking losses.

    So war does occur when units enter my territory. It occurs onlyn when those units attack my units?

    Why then does a war warning appear anytime I draw a unit path into another player's territory? The warning indicates that if I enter that territory there will be war.

    No it wasn't a revolt. I'm East Libya. On turn 2 my neighbor West Libya invaded two of my provinces while we were at peace. War was not shown in the Diplomacy routine until they actually attacked the town in the first province.

    My understanding is that war is declared when the invading force first enters my province. Is this correct or not?

    Question about espionage & damage to buildings

    My daily spy report shows level 3 fortress in enemy province but the completion bar is blank. Does this mean that the fortress is damaged to the point that it has zero effect or only that the spy does not know the extent to which the level 3 fort has been completed?

    This seems to be what happened. Though no news article on a coup d'etat.

    I suppose I ought to have moved one unit just outside my fortress to avoid the AI taking over.

    Is it possible for units to move and attack on their own; that is, without the owner issuing any orders?

    Here's why I ask. I'm losing badly so I hole up in my capital with over 100 units. Next day when I check the game it seems that this group has split into thirds with one third remaining in my capital and the other thirds attacking adjacent provinces and being destroyed. I did not order any of this.

    Dis the game do this on its own or was I hacked and the orders given?

    Thank you for your reply.

    I tried that but got no response from the other side.

    Things got worse. In trying to move units to the fortress I inadvertently clicked on a unit of a third power who had been waiting (presumably off shore) and found myself at war with the third power. I messaged that power indicating that my action was inadvertent but got no response.

    In the meantime, I suffered the negative consequences of being at war with three players (one intentional & two unintentional).

    Needless to say a fourth player took advantage of this and surprise attacked me.

    IMHO there should be a pop-up warning the player that his action means war & asking him to confirm that he does intend to go to war.

    The following happened which has essentially ruined the game for me.

    Fighting with province passing back and forth likely resulting in low provincial morale.

    Province revolted to neighbor whith whom I was at peace.

    Revolted province was heavily garrisoned by me (more than 25 units)

    I'm now at war with the owner of the revolted province without either of us attacking; this seems to have been automatic because my garrison was automatically treated as an enemy

    Next turn revolted province returns to me because neighbor who now owned it had no units in the province

    End result: I and neighbor are now in a war that neither of us wanted

    Is this result intended?