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    Dear LostRealist: There you go living up to you name. I agree with everything you said.

    There should be a limit to the gold amount a player may spend per turn.

    The major attack I spent many turns prepping for is in the process of failing.

    Just before the attack started the defender spent to produce 6 heavy tanks and a fortress V.

    I realize that the gold spenders generate income for the game designers that allows the game to be free to play.

    That said there should be a limit on gold spending per turn so that a money bags player can't wreck a game in which players have invested many hours.

    Your thoughts?

    you just have to be attentive to order the submarine to move to the next position where the target is, you must also take into account the speed of the submarine and the speed of the target to be attacked,

    I've forgotten everything I knew about quadratic equations


    What is the strategy for getting a sub to attack a moving target?

    I find that if I direct a sub to attack the target it moves to the original point of attack by which time the target is not there.

    Is it really necessary to ride the sub into the target; kind of like riding a torpedo into the target?

    When my RR gun fires I can see the artillery shell animation. When an undiscovered enemy RR gun fires there's no animation. Is there any way to tell that your units are being fired on by an undiscovered RR gun other than monitoring your units for losses?

    This rule also appears to apply to a RR gun you know is there (because previously discovered) but is now undiscovered.

    Lastly, is there any way to apply the RR gun range template to a place to see if you are in range of a potentially undiscovered RR gun?

    When you click on the player's image you get a screen profiling that player's details, one of which is "Army Size" Say a player is listed as having "25 units". What does that mean? Player has 25 separate units on the map? Player's toral unit strength totals 25? Something else? Please explain. Thanks

    I'm presently playing a game in which my opponent's rail gun appears to be on an ordinary road spot (not on a RR). How is this possible?

    I read somewhere that it is possible to execute group movement, that is, movement of separate units as a group.

    How does one do that? The usual lassoing techniques seem not to work.

    Could SKS please explain the key strokes necessary to select a group for movement. Thanks.

    Ok. Here's the situation:

    I have infantry units in advance of a mixed artillery / infantry group. My opponent advance an infantry group on me but can't reach my mixed group because it is intercepted by my infantry units in front of the mixed group. Nevertheless my mixed group is under attack and loses both artillery units and some infantry all while being interdicted by my advanced infantry units.

    How is it possible for my opponent's infantry units to cause casualties to my mixed group? Is there some rule stating that if my artillery can cause casualties to his infantry that his infantry can cause casualties to my artillery? I thought the advantage of artillrty was that it could bombard without taking losses.

    So war does occur when units enter my territory. It occurs onlyn when those units attack my units?

    Why then does a war warning appear anytime I draw a unit path into another player's territory? The warning indicates that if I enter that territory there will be war.

    No it wasn't a revolt. I'm East Libya. On turn 2 my neighbor West Libya invaded two of my provinces while we were at peace. War was not shown in the Diplomacy routine until they actually attacked the town in the first province.

    My understanding is that war is declared when the invading force first enters my province. Is this correct or not?