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    A final point, Kinut2 is raging thru this game. Depending on reports from coalition mates and DE reports, it appears he has somehow fielded 320 units in a game where I have been able to muster only 115 or so. He has entirely or mostly conquered two neighbors by day 5, and I appear to be next in line for him. My interest in this game has waned to the point where my main interest is now to see what admins will either do or say about it.

    I filed an in-game complaint which I understand will be considered in a few days. This seems too important an issue to wait for action, so I decided to post the details here in the forum. My complaint follows.


    This is a complaint against player Kinut2, in gameID=2896033.

    This player joined the S14 website yesterday according to his service record. However he is the creator of a game which is 5 days old. This alone is quite curious.

    But there's more. His rank is civilian. And another 20 players in this game are also civilians, most with names like userNNNNNNN, where N represents a number. Some of those names are sequential in numerical order! This is quite amazing. Are there gangs of people spamming and coordinating their "attacks" on this website? If you don't see masses of people joining as an attack, I certainly do.

    I have been playing on this website daily for a full 10 and a half years. I enjoy these games. I remember when there was a raging controversy in the forum 7 or 8 years ago on the topic of wolf-packing. But that was always a kind of low-level breach of the TOS, with 3 or 4 players conniving to win games in which innocent players were treated as dupes. This, today, seems to go far beyond anything I believe Bytro can or should allow.

    I urge you to throw all of the civilian ranked members out of this game. Those new players who wish to play in a legitimate manner can simply join games in the normal way and enjoy as the rest of us do.

    Thank you.



    Game number 2752392 disappeared from my MyGames list.

    It's an active game, day 5, with a 5-day inactivity period . I was active yesterday. When I search this game, I am listed as a player. Software says the game is full and I cannot join. Some weird kind of Catch-22.

    I've played here 10 years, joined 300 + games, never saw this kind of problem. Love the 'site.

    Someone rejoin me.