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    first :

    The Arab community in Supermecy 1914 is considered one of the largest societies and proof of that, we had a server with Arabic language from 2011 run by

    and the owner of this server was an employee in Bytro called google . and the server closed in 2018 . and many Arabic players gone to offcial supermecy server . and certainly there are 1k arabic player play in the offcial server .


    second : What will you gain bytro if you add the Arabic language?

    there are 500k account in the old arabic server in gamgos If bytro adding Arabic language there are many arab players will return to game and it will be make Supermecy active again


    third : What is the financial benefit of adding the Arabic language?

    there are many arabic have money from saudi and Emirates and kawit they will pay Gold marker and it will increas earnings to bytro and it will be increase a development for the bytro

    so please heart look at massage and