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    Hi ttminh,

    I've checked your account and you still seem to have Beta rights (frontline Pioneer). Have you signed up again? Otherwise there might have been a mistake in the message you received. Thank you for reporting the issue! I'll forward it to our developers.

    Hello Sphragis,

    Thanks for informing us, but I must ask you to report the player ingame. The report will automatically send us certain information helping us to discover if this player is a multi or not.

    Thank you!

    Hey GF,

    So i've been asking around.

    For the 500 map you've played the following rules apply:

    When the game ends, the systems will firstly check if a player is in a coaltion. If the player is, it will be excluded for any medal reward. If the player isn't in a coaltion AND ended in the top 3, it will get the medal according to the place he ended at (1,2 or 3).


    If player 1 and 2 are in the winning coalition, while player 3 is not. Player 1 and 2 will be awarded the coalition vicotry, while player 3 will receive medal for ending third. Player 1 & 2 do not get a medal.

    I just checked your game, and you had been in a coalition on that map. Therefore you have not been granted the medal for second place.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Hey GF,

    AI behaviour will be tweaked in the future. We asked the devs to make it not ''suicidal'' AI when it takes over a player during his absence.

    You have to play an frontlinepioneer game in order to keep beta rights.

    If your not played a frontline game for 6 weeks then your rights will be removed automatically.

    In the image below you can set a filter to search for frontline games.

    Go to Games -> New games, press the small wheel on the right to open the filters.



    All of you should have received the following message;

    Dear player.

    Due to a lot of players asking us to delay the start of the second rounds from the Supremacy World Cup we have decided to postpone them. With Easter around the corner and a lot of players wanting to spend this time with their families we agree that this will be the best course of action for the tournament.

    Starting the games tonight would have a negative impact in the tournament, something we are trying to avoid at all costs. Therefore we would like to inform you that round 2 of the supremacy world cup will not start at April 20th but instead the rounds will start at April 23th. Just after midnight. Somewhere around 00.10. (we have to wait until the servers have completed the day change)

    Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you good luck in the second round!

    Signed by the Supremacy World Cup staff,

    Mr.Fleming, Rodami, El Historiador, whitetiger89, Mr.Dutch.