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    The costumatization you're refering to is really something that's only possible in S1914 I believe. Call of War or New World Empires don't have these options, you're stuck with what you get. Altough, on Supremacy 1 it's possible to adjust your name in the game rounds you're playing in.

    As for your feedback, I have forwarded it to our developers.

    It's not possible to have alliance matches withing Supremacy 1.

    There has been spoken about implementing that in the future, altough i'm not sure if and when this will happen.

    As narmer pointed out above, please send in a support ticket. No promises made, but then we can figure out what is and what isn't possible.

    Please make sure you can prove both accounts are yours. I would imagine a screenshot were you're logged in on both accounts would be sufficient.

    Please mention this in your ticket, that you're able to provide the evidence. You won't be able to send screenshots at first, but once we reply to your ticket you can respond from your email linked to the account the ticket was created with and attach your screenshots.

    That's not a feature on supremacy1 and there are no plans for implementing such thing right now.

    One of the main reasons for that is overall activity in your game. There are a couple of changes to other Bytro games you might know which should help get fuller maps, one of them is no map creation, another is that your country choosing options when joining a game are limited.


    In supremacy1 it's not possible to create your own game. Offcourse there are still posibillities for roleplay maps. Please contact the support team by creating a ticket once you are ready to create a map. Please note that the requirements for this are that you need to have 50% of the player slots filled.

    Hi ttminh,

    I've checked your account and you still seem to have Beta rights (frontline Pioneer). Have you signed up again? Otherwise there might have been a mistake in the message you received. Thank you for reporting the issue! I'll forward it to our developers.


    If you end the game while being in a coalition, you'll get the coalition payout. If you want the first, second, third place etc payouts, you'll have to leave the coalition.

    With no capital city (central place to rule your nation) the nation is in chaos, without a government seat located somewhere.

    This is costing you a morale penalty each day you're not having one.

    I recommned you build one rather sooner than later

    Hello Sphragis,

    Thanks for informing us, but I must ask you to report the player ingame. The report will automatically send us certain information helping us to discover if this player is a multi or not.

    Thank you!