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    That's not a feature on supremacy1 and there are no plans for implementing such thing right now.

    One of the main reasons for that is overall activity in your game. There are a couple of changes to other Bytro games you might know which should help get fuller maps, one of them is no map creation, another is that your country choosing options when joining a game are limited.


    In supremacy1 it's not possible to create your own game. Offcourse there are still posibillities for roleplay maps. Please contact the support team by creating a ticket once you are ready to create a map. Please note that the requirements for this are that you need to have 50% of the player slots filled.

    Hi ttminh,

    I've checked your account and you still seem to have Beta rights (frontline Pioneer). Have you signed up again? Otherwise there might have been a mistake in the message you received. Thank you for reporting the issue! I'll forward it to our developers.


    If you end the game while being in a coalition, you'll get the coalition payout. If you want the first, second, third place etc payouts, you'll have to leave the coalition.

    With no capital city (central place to rule your nation) the nation is in chaos, without a government seat located somewhere.

    This is costing you a morale penalty each day you're not having one.

    I recommned you build one rather sooner than later

    Hello Sphragis,

    Thanks for informing us, but I must ask you to report the player ingame. The report will automatically send us certain information helping us to discover if this player is a multi or not.

    Thank you!

    Dear Community,

    We are looking for Game Operators and Moderators, and we would be pleased to see that we awoke your interest for these respectable positions within the community.

    Which duties might you have?


    · Examination of problems and bugs, as well as helping the users.

    · Collecting and forwarding the problems and suggestions to the developers.

    · Answering players via PM and email, via our support software.

    · Working in a team and participating in team meetings.

    · Information exchange via PM, internal forums and Discord.


    · Support users if they have questions or requests.

    · Secure TOS, forum rules and chat rules.

    · Extensive work in the forum.

    · Participation in team meetings.

    · Information exchange via internal forums, PM and Discord.

    Are there requirements?

    · You have to be at least 18 years old.

    · You have good writing skills.

    · You communicate in a clean and diplomatic way.

    · You are a reliable team player.

    · You have experience with the game and with the detailed game mechanics.

    · You are active in the game, in the forums and in Discord (for meetings) and you can work on your tasks multiple days a week.

    The first steps as a GO or MOD

    1. You receive an introduction by an experienced GO

    2. You will get to meet the complete GO and MOD team

    3. Within the first days you will receive additional rights for forum and chat; you will need these for your occupation.

    Will there be a reimbursement for my work?

    · You will receive respect and gratitude from all the players of our community

    · There will be monthly Gold and High Command rewards as well for your efforts

    How do I apply?

    Please send an application to Edwylm via PM.

    Your application should include the following information:

    · Why do you apply for the position?

    · How much experience do you have in the game?

    · Do you already have experience in working with other persons, or even a position related to customer support?

    · Your name, your age and your Discord account?

    the tutorial allows all ranks, but flanders front is 30 or less?

    c'mon man!

    This will most likely to be tweaked in a later stage. Don't forget we are still testing and things will change along the way

    Hey prof,

    Whenever I play with elite AI, so basically every game from now on. I put every AI country at Right of Way, and a couple of days later upgrade it to shared map and shared intel if possible. This greatly improves your relations with the AI.

    Trading on the stock market seems a good way for me to keep them relativly happy, sometimes I get a trading embargo, but not really any war declarations, which is basically. Couple of small buy/sell offers a day seems to do the trick for me

    Yeah, but you might wanna take into account that the game is still in development and not life yet. So fixes will probably be made. I'll raise awarenes for the issue as it's still a valid point nevertheless

    The Euro 84 player map is now the tutorial, but there is no maximum rank limit.

    The Flanders Front 20 player map still has the max. limit?

    The max allowed rank for the Flanders Front map is lvl30. Once you've exceeded that lvl you can join the Veterans Front map which is basically the same. But please note that the map is balanced differently than Flanders Front.

    Yes, I find this to.

    It's quite short for the big map it is. It's missing a grand finaly. By the time the map ends from what i've seen it's rare that someone accumulated the required points for a solo or coa victory so the map is ending due running out of time.

    For me personally it's a pity you don't have a great war on the ''The Great War'' map ;)

    Hey GF,

    So i've been asking around.

    For the 500 map you've played the following rules apply:

    When the game ends, the systems will firstly check if a player is in a coaltion. If the player is, it will be excluded for any medal reward. If the player isn't in a coaltion AND ended in the top 3, it will get the medal according to the place he ended at (1,2 or 3).


    If player 1 and 2 are in the winning coalition, while player 3 is not. Player 1 and 2 will be awarded the coalition vicotry, while player 3 will receive medal for ending third. Player 1 & 2 do not get a medal.

    I just checked your game, and you had been in a coalition on that map. Therefore you have not been granted the medal for second place.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Hey Pontus,

    If I understand your question correctly, your waiting units do take hits when the tick hits. Altough that little icon is not always there, your troops also should attack the enemy units back while waiting, if they are close enough.

    Once the battle is over your troops will start moving to their destination as you cannot retreat from battle.