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    Hi there, Im playing S1914 for a long time, but unfortunatelly I can see here lot of small mistakes, what make this game user Unfriendly...

    In mobile app:

    -Is not possible to select all provinces

    -Is not possible to select all provinces by harbour, by barracks etc.

    -Is not possible to copy and paste messages

    In mainpage S1914

    -Alliance Ranking - there is not possible to filter Alliances, for example, by strenght, by activity (I meant active player), by possibility to challenge

    -Alliance list - when you are clik on some allinace, it will be fine when you will click to back arrow, go back to same page like before and not always on 1st page alliance list

    In game

    - Its funny that 1soldier has same upkeep like 1bomber or 1battleship... I think so here will be better make some differences.

    - Could be ggod idea to make from oil something like fuel, when oil is gone, tanks, ships, planes will stop in place where they are.

    - Make a possibility to setup delay of units in numbers, make there column where is possibility to write for example 30mins delay

    So thats all for now, but maybe i will bring more later.