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    Earlier when i used to station my troops at my fortress...there is no growth of troops to the extent that can be felt easily ...after i started to move out my entire troops i started to see a more rapid growth of troops in every number troops seems to increase in short time.

    Is there such thing that provinces are forced to produce more troops to meet requirements to guard empty provinces?


    Tutorial map is of 4speed ...i had seen a map of 6 speed too...can a chatters map be made of 8 speed...3hours be a day...i would like to play such a map ...but no one is offering such map.... usually people get bored by time taken to embark, disembark, move and attack...if such a map is created i would love to play it... please let me know...standard map of 24 hr aday is pretty make it more defensive can the map of every capital province be edited in such a way that even if capital is at border ...the enemy has to travel through other provinces to reach capital...i would like to see a more defensive layout map to play than easily acquireable map...what I mean is to play in total world map of 7 continents with 31 players will be worth to try ...

    So in short ...i would like to play in a map of 31 players ...8 world map including 7 make it interesting it would be better if all players are only provided with small islands as starting point and they have to capture big continents from advanced ai ie one with level 5 forts ,level 4 factory, aerodrome and harbour opened...not just a defensive ai that only defend rather an offensive ai that will even send troops to far away enemy player even if they have to cross seas to attack real players...

    i will guarantee that if such a variety map is made available people will like to try will not easily end because they have to acquire provinces from advanced ai in search of resources...they will not be bored too because they get an advantage of time to create their army...

    Just some of my thoughts

    Let's have an interesting discussion on why maps has to be changed...

    According to me i find game maps outdated...once players start expanding their territories...there will not be any countries as such just a bare outline of world's great that there hasn't been platonic movements under subcontinent after 1914...but there is a theory in geography of platonic movements and forming of 7 continents from 1 or 2 early continents...

    So what iam trying to say is locating certain positions in sea like straits , canals, and sea has to be done under a vague conception

    It will be better to add legible marking in sea which shows where our troops are when we zoom the map you know there has been no sea markings changed after 1914...if there is any historian and they think for certain that there was any changes made to sea markings after 1914...i was suggesting it would help a layman a lot if he could see

    all marking as of in 1914 in sea in writing...

    As a layman..for now... i realises that my troops are positioned in certain strait only after its killed in action and reported in news

    If there is any other changes we can make to maps...or you think what iam saying is nonsense...let's discuss them in detail...let someone know we are discussing all these for the betterment of layman terms...

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    Just curious...does game provide stock in market automatically??

    After every day change markets are restocked...if it was empty before ....can anyone share some insight into this...

    Is it always the players who stock it?....

    In the map now iam playing...there are 4 players...3 also trade through market is seen if we are fighting with that is shown as embargo...

    So iam really curious how neutral ai or maker restock the market

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    Iam really stuck with formula..i tried calculating....but it's somewhere near 6090 in tutorial anyone know about?

    Iam you know why?.

    ..if we know the expected strength...or if we can find expected strength from percentage given...we can use it to find troop strength of unknown nation just from these percentage...that will be a certain advantage

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    This game is all about how you manage time..the better you manage time...the faster you acquire more provinces...if you have enough is what you have to do.... should have a tank stacked with troops enough to keep 8 infantry in newly capturing province to avoid rebellion...and some artillery stacked some distance behind with artillery on may send troops your way...but it will not effect artillery...all in all you just have to empty province or fortress... level 5 fortress shows troops as question mark...and empty forts are easily identifiable with no stationed troops..

    .this strategy is how to capture empty provinces or fortress in a way to save worked for me...i don't know if it is a glitch or not but it did worked with others too...let's take it as a glitch in map...but it is a useful glitch ... that's all what you have to know...

    Let's see What is all this enemy provinces our troop movements take lot of what i do is i don't March all way there i stop in between...

    When to stop??...normal marching troops can stop anywhere in between 5minutes 59 seconds to target...if stopped... province with even level 5 fortress will be successfully captured...after making province yours you can move the rest of the troops fast to reach target...

    How to make it better...try force marching single infantry...stop it at anywhere between 3 minutes 59 seconds to target...

    You can make it better too...try force marching single armoured car..


    It's upto you to find out when to stop with armoured cars

    This strategy works for a province without railway...4speed other maps and provinces times vary but working of strategy is guaranteed.

    It's upto you to find out when to stop in provinces with railway....

    Guaranteed till makers update...if it is a glitch...if it's not ... thanks to makers to leave loopholes in game..

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    have anyone noticed?

    If a kill a few of big stack of enemy troops.. Died troops are not deducted from stack. Rather they are shown in same stack as died

    . Newspaper doesn't add those killed to your account.. If some other player wipe of out remaining stack.. Entire kill count is awarded to that player.. We need a discussion on this glitch



    1) Have anyone thought of evading bombers..

    I have read many posts which says.. you can force march out of bombers or fighters range.. But if you are in a situation where you cannot force march out of bombers range.. What to do??.. I don't know if anyone said this before.. But there is a way to minimize troops lose to just one unit in battle group that has been attacked.. When you click the attacking bombers .. You can see which one of your battle group is being attacked.. For example Let's take it to be BG you can split BG 29 in such a way that just one infantry or whatever the unit you are ready to sacrifice only remains in BG 29..HOW TO SPLIT?... select split option .. Select full troops..minimize one ie if you have 120 troops in BG 119 troops and split.. Then you can see that a new Battle group is formed with splitted 119 troops and your previous BG29 has only one infantry or whatever the troops you chose to sacrifice remains.... . now you can make it further easier move away BG 29 .. from the rest.. Use force march and direct it to meet bombers half way.. Move the rest away from bombers.. No need of force march there

    Result!! - you can see bombers returning back after killing just one infantry in BG 29..even if there is 20 or more bombers the results remain same.. I have said 20 because.. I have fooled 20 bombers.. Rest is up to you.. Only if you are online while the attack it's possible to do so

    If you are offline you can use fighters to patrol above your precious troops..

    Is there any reward for people who make games after purchasing High command?

    Like the gamer who made a game which make people spend more... Is he rewarded with any real money? Or Gold mark which when reached a certain level can be redeemed for a lesser amount of real money.... I just started gaming on 11/11/21..just one week back.. I haven't spend any on gold mark and high command.. Iam just curious why people are spending on gold mark and high command.. The only feature that entice me in high command is that you can make games... But iam playing on mobile not on pc so it is waste for me to spend any money. I say waste because I can win with just my ideas.. .. Even finished off gold mark users in 31 p mode tutorial game.. If there any reward system as of now??

    If not iam putting forward some suggestions-:

    1) Make the game making feature available even in mobile platforms.. By enabling this bytros can attract more players who avoided spending on high command just because mobile application doesn't support game making.. I don't think iam the only one who thought of making games but frustrated that you can only make games in pc

    2) let's talk about revenue for "bytros".. There should be a reward system for gamers who make game using high command.. Certain goals which their game has to achieved and rewards if achieved..

    Goals & rewards like-:a) certain no: of players in their map remains active till a certain day after game starts -if achieved some gold marks for maker

    b) if the players in the map used gm to a certain extent... Out of overall spending of players the maker gets a certain percentage of gm as reward

    C) evaluation of game made by moderators and if qualified certain benchmark reward to maker

    3) as of now if it's a monthly pack or yearly pack of high command players can only make 5 games per month.. Allow the players to make more games if interested.. By making the players to spend gold marks to make more games.. That is for example the player can make 6th game if he spend 3000 gm, 7th for 1500 gm, or making him to buy a bundle of extra game at 10000gm ... Like wise... If players get better incentives for making games they will not let opportunity go and spend more to just make more games.

    4) Last and most important suggestion if the above all suggestion has to work the maker should get some real money in their pockets.. There are different type of players some play for time pass, some just to win their ego and emotions, some try to find new opportunity to invest... If investment gives a steady return even it is little.. It will work as bait to attract more players.. They keep thinking they will get more so they spend more... It's not just for the benefit of makers it will Benifit game developers too... Incentive driven game makers try to make game better.. Which results in better revenue for game developers..

    Real money ... If a high command player accumulates at least 100000 gm by means of rewards obtained by making games not by buying or bonus videos... He is permitted to withdraw 1000 in the currency of his country.. Or whatever the bytros developers think fit...

    These are just few of my ideas..


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