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    I completely agree. I like the ideas of the ranked games, that maybe map creators could have their maps tested by Bytro employees to see if they're fair. (Any thoughts, mods?) But I've wanted this for a while and would love to see it become a thing.

    Lol all i've ever caught is my allies wondering if i'm a threat. (Honestly, I was snatching all the territory they wanted...)

    But when I saw their message, I messaged both of them and said something like: "if you think i'm a threat or you want me to share, tell me. If not, don't even try." They didn't talk to me for another 3 days

    I like that idea, and would like to expand it. I've always wanted to change city and country names, because as North Canada, for example, after you invade South Canada, you're the only Canada. I'm not sure how this would be implemented, but having an option to change country/city names for goldmark could be a good idea.

    There was such feature in the past but bytro's partner in it wasn't very relayable so it was removed as it caused more issues that gains. I don't know how much such ads could gain but all bits help off course.

    I don't know anything about that, personally, but as a player that doesn't spend any money on the game, I like the idea of adding ads, but still it is another way people will abuse goldmark. I don't think it should be banned, but daily caps or caps based on in-game activity should exist. Personally I enjoy winning games so I can get the goldmark and use it in my other games. That being said people abusing the ads could be a problem. Maybe a limit of ads-per-day? Or something else.

    So I have had this problem before, but I've noticed a different one more recently. I haven't been able to change my leader name in any game, and the game also swapped my previous custom names to my username. I can still change ruler title, picture, and flag, but this is the only one not working. (To go into specifics, I change the name, click save changes, and nothing changes. But if I re-enter the customization screen later, my custom name isn't there.)

    Might just be something on my end, but just wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue. Hope this isn't in the new version.b78//+