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    Well I'm sorry about the broken phone 😢. But if you set up an Email and Password on the Old device it is very easy. Follow the steps: On the screen, click on the "More" button located at the bottom right, then click on the "Account" button. In this part you can enter the old E-mail and Password of your Account. ;)

    With the high technology we have today, they probably have this data stored somewhere. They just don't make this data available to users, probably for some internal reason. But I support your idea of having this data available to Players.

    Yes. All units heal automatically. Each type of unit has a Morale that will directly impact the development of that troop, I mean the power of Attack and Defense. An example of this is the Bomber Plane that if it stays in combat for a long time its Morale gradually decreases. But if after a fight you leave the Bomber Plane resting, its Morale will gradually increase. This goes for all units. "Don't confuse the Morale of units with Hit Points."

    Nathy06, Your question was not very clear. Where were his troops and where were his enemy's troops? If the enemy's 5 infantry units were in his province, there was probably a Fort built there. The Fort can protect troops by 91% at max level. Battles with infantry at Sea also reduce the attack and defense power of troops.

    Well... As you said, there was an Infantry group in front of the Artillery group. There is a possibility that your mixed Artillery group is under attack from your enemy's Rail Cannons. Rail Guns have a long attack range and if your army has no vision of them, they will remain invisible by attacking your mixed troops.