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    do you expect to address our concerns?

    What happens if a game disappears from the archives (and therefore from the system) and the statistics have not yet been updated ?

    This would mean that some fast events (speed*10 for example) were played during the stats bug and will be removed from the archives before this is fixed.


    Following the new update, the construction time of a building depends on the morale of the province.

    So when I launch day 8 a level 1 factory under construction on my capital, the factory under construction will therefore take less than 2 days to end.

    Except that I still have to wait until day 10 to start building my level 2 factory. So the advantage of producing a factory faster thanks to morale is not an advantage at the beginning.

    Is that really how you had planned things?

    I can't help but see this as a clumsiness on your part.

    in fact the problem is that you changed a version which worked very well, by a version which is totally buggy.

    I've been on this new version for a month now, but it's hard, it's really hard, it sucks, buggy, badly optimized.

    please give us back the legacy mode


    It is appreciable indeed, but not perfect.

    Would it be possible to have the same, but without the white flag?

    If implemented, unit display would be similar to legacy mode.

    Currently if you have a lot of units in one place, the white flags overlap.

    A possible point of improvement would also be to add a filter to display or not the delay before the next shot. We already have the information in the banner when we select a unit. it unnecessarily weighs down the visual.



    Is it planned that a filter be added to the existing ones in order to display or not the symbols of the units on the map so as to keep only the "flags" with the number of units of the army ? (for more readability)

    take a good look at the boat, circled in red :


    I place the cursor on the icon of the boat circled in red :


    many things :

    - the boat whose icon is close to south america is actually on the australian side.

    - my submarines heading towards the enemy boat is positioned to the far left of the image when they are actually in the center.

    - the path of the submarine passes over dry land.

    - between the two images, the position of the submarine icon changes at high speed. The icon goes backwards to the left. It's hard to explain, I would have to make a video, but it's incomprehensible.

    For your viewing pleasure :


    when you put the color of the nations (I can't play without) and you have a country that is white in color (Banat for example on a 500 players), several things:

    - When you have a nation of white color, you don't see the territory you selected. Because the highlight is the same color as the country color.

    - the borders are the same color as the color of the country: I can only see the roads. I have trouble each time to select the right territory.

    Have you ever tested your game?

    Do you have developers, or trainees?