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    I beg to differ. If a post was bombarded for day after day and the troops stationed there just stayed and took it I think you would find eventually all would die. Even if it was through attrition as no supplies could get there. However in WW1 armies didn't not just sit there and knowing this is why those bombarding with artillery did not wait to take the position as they not only wanted to advance but to kill enemy troops as well. So they pushed forward when the losses became 'acceptable'.

    In the game it has been simplified somewhat from real warfare to make it fun for those playing and not to get down to too much micro management which would put a lot of people off.

    If you opponent chooses to just sit there and take your arty bombardment then yes they will die - they have options, they could withdraw or they could rush the artillery positions - just like the real thing. It is not a fault of the game when players choose to do neither but just sit there and die.

    Precisely, the simplification of game also means it shouldn't be assumed troops are "stationated" there to be left to die by artilleries or another long range units. Indeed, trench warfare is also simplified by the fact there is only a road connecting between two cities, so there is no way troops can be flanked by the enemy.

    In the same way, it's correct to assume "stationated" troops can elude artillery fire while not abandoning the position, being the use of proper soldiers or mechanized units the only way to get them out of there. As a matter of fact, the overreliance on artillery was a factor in the prolongation of the First World War, not one for an early finalization, because high commanders thought that, after a long bombardment, the only thing left to do was to take the position, but then they found there was many well-armed soldiers still in place that, again, got the upperhand by being at the defensive. Again, while artilleries and other long range units were very important in WWI, they only were decisive when as part of a combinated effort, something armies only arrived to understand circa 1916-17.

    Again sorry disagreeing. While in the early stages of the game artillery are definitely the king of the battlefield if you chose never to build other units your will soon find yourself overwhelmed by air & sea power (depending on your country and map). It may be possible to win a map with limited armament but the longer a map lasts the more difficult that will become. As everyone plays different you need to adapt your game play to some extent to counter what your enemy brings to the fight.

    As you like, I add also railguns, battleships, light cruisers and even planes. The order of the factors don't change the product: To win a match, you only need long range units protected by many soldiers. So, long range units as kings of the battlefield is clearly an issue, IMHO, since there should be needed a combinated effort from all units (long or short range), not expecting to win by having more cannons than the enemy.


    P.D. The S&S is also used until abuse thanks to that long range units' feature of being able to wipe enemies off. If that wasn't possible, that tactic would be reasonably limited by, again, the need of short range units to end that wipe off.

    Don't surprise, but your last paragraph actually supports my idea. Indeed, that's also why I said the artillery's power to destroy buildings should remain unaltered, had my idea being implemented.

    Exactly, the original use of arty isn't killing units but destroying the defense of these units. But today in S1914, artilleries have the power to destroy an ENTIRE army, and by destroying, I mean to reduce it to zero. That's why it's unrealistic: in WWI you could bombard for days and days, but those cannons never achieved total annihilation of the enemy. Here, you don't really need any other unit than infantry and artilleries. The former to invade, the later to protect the former (not even for the purpose to conquer)

    In fact, since 1916-17, WWI Commanders got that the best way to gain a position was to heavily bombard with artilleries during a short period of time before sending their soldiers to fight and take the point, taking advantage of the enemy's fear and confussion. If artillery had been allmighty, tactics like that hadn't been needed.

    My idea only gives close ranges units (infantries, cavalries, cars, tanks) a more offensive function, comparing with their everlasting defensive task of protecting artilleries and other long range units, which do all the conquering work today. Also, I doubt the game becomes slow-paced since you can conquer provinces quickly by attacking them with your overwhelming force against the diminished one from the enemy.

    I'ld say there is only one change necesary for Artilleries: after & before movement they would require an hour of deployment/packing time.

    This would stop the hyper-activity (ab)use of artillery. And make the game more strategic, as i think it is intended to be?

    Artilleries aren't trebuchets, or at least not the AOE ones. That's why, I think, it wasn't implemented the packing/deployment time until now.

    Mechs are already underpowered. In former times you could kill 50 infantry units with 50 artilleries, now you fire and at least 9 of 15 units survive the first shot. I think the long range units need more power instead of less power!

    Still, you can destroy all those units with only arties. No infantry/cavalry/AC/tanks needed whatsoever unless for the sake to protect your own arties.

    Artillery was always important in a war, but in this point it's the only thing you need to conquer provinces, completely far from the practice of combine artillery with infantry attacks, as that was made in WWI.

    As it's today, short ranged units are in the match solely to enter in the city as a military parade, with musical band and whatelse.

    Reviewing from many sources about WWI, I just thought that long range weapons in this game (Artys, Railguns, Cruisers and Battleships) are truly overpowered, with the ability of decimating entire armies with much ease and without compromising other units in the fight (infantry, cavalry, tanks, etc.)

    Although I recognize artilleries and other long range weapons were truly essential in that war, I found, in some way, unrealistic that fights can be decided by player's ability to build and use as many artys as possible and to neutralize enemy's artys. Since most of the battles fought in World War I were mainly combats between soldiers and tanks AFTER artilleries and other long range units barrage, my idea is to handicap those units' damage against those short range units.

    In other words, while long range units still would have the power to destroy enemy units, they'll lose effectiveness progressively as those units are reduced from army groups to armies and corps, whatever the number of long range units used in those attacks, until being useless against divisions and brigades, since such low quantity of men can protect themselves against that fire power, hence compelling the player to use short range units to destroy the enemy force.

    Of course, other features of those long range units (damage against air force or buildings) will remain unaltered.


    Your question, for all that matters, was already answered with my second paragraph. Other than that, I think you are confusing an opinion from mine about some topic with me supposedly saying external chats is forbidden by rule (which I never said)


    Your message is a joke nothing more:) and can take it personal or what you want. How can forbiddet some that no access your post make 0 sense. Here a simple explantion why you post is none sense. Let's were old divice for comunication mirc. You make a chanel there call the coalition empire all member of it from map let's call it 1944038939 how can forbit to do that? you can't! wft I can speak your post are like something from paper that need read if customer tell this you read paragraph 101 and speak hole paragraph. You can't forbit some like that is inlog what speak. Every game has there backdoor and if find can use it. Make forbitten ok forbit my fb account or discord you can't no right to do that. Stop post like that. Here suggestion how post need sound: if for fairness of all player that you use the diplomacy and sent message ingame, not a other external surce if posible. But not yours then practice should be forbidden how??? are going close my fb account or what every external I use? we're getting right to do that? wft think before posting something! You dissapoint me I expected more come a Moderator.

    First, I would thank you don't use ad hominem or disqualifications towards me just for standing an opinion. You have no right to tell me how I must give a thought about something.

    Second, If some player does wolfpacking, multi-accounting or capital farming, that player can be sent out from the match. In the same way, that measure also could be applied if, let say hypothetically, it's decided to forbid the external chat practice to elude the blue spy (and I repeat: it's just my opinion, I'm not announcing nor predicting some measure in that sense, not even in the far future)

    Finally, the info spy have that "message cracking" feature. And as far as such feature exist, it seems not so fair to allow people to elude it when the other part is expecting results in that sense when hire such spy. Besides, there is still the option to erase messages if people don't want their messages being extracted by that spy. We can either to remove that feature or to protect it.


    How a unfair avantage??? there are a lot can use not relative a game. Skype, Teamspeaker were most game use in the past. Know gamers use Discord.Is there on chose how that be unfair? If chose a red car and there blue and yellow is still my decision and not yours same goes for this. Big Alliance in general have in every Strategy game a extern chat be a forum, Skype,Teamspeak, facebook or so on because they know game and give false information to enemy that spy them what blue spy and make your point was that also what they did ww1 and ww2? . Biggest miss information was D Day in ww2!.

    It's an unfair advantage because there is a espionage feature created to extract info from enemies with cost either in money or goldmarks, but those enemies just circumvent and disable that feature by communicate between themselves in means other than the diplomatic section of the match. In my totally subjective opinion, that's cheating. And if the other team does the same thing to be in an equal ground, then information warfare in the game is no more and that'll denatures match experience. (After all, I don't think somebody being so fanatic to "hack" some external chat to extract info from a game)

    That's also why I'm saying that, however, if it's more convenient to remove that feature from those intelligence spies, then so be it, being replaced with another thing, though. But, while I get that many people uses external chats for the matches, if that's true just because they don't want to have their info extracted by blue spies, then that practice should be forbidden.

    Finally, you give false information when you know there isn't possible to shield the channel. If that channel is crack-proof, there is no need to give such false info (enemy isn't gonna believe it, anyway)

    Lot of players (most of them ?) are now using discord as an alliance plateform or just to discut a game without being catch by blue spy. I think we can say today discussion about supremacy are happening more inside the discord platform than inside the game discussion. Wouldn't that be a solution to link supremacy to discord with a bot app for exemple ? I do know nothing about how it could work so i don't even know if this would be possible. But it would be a really nice feature if you'd do so.

    It's just my personal opinion, but such discussion outside the diplomatic section should be forbidden, not encouraged. The use of chats or other means outside the S1914's match is, IMO, an unfair advantage against other players who precisely uses resources (and even GM) to try and grab such information. Of course, I'm aware the opponents can do the same thing, but, again, breaking codes and extracting information with espionage was a asset in WWI and things like discuss in Discord disables that asset and denatures the match.

    On the other hand, I'm not against the idea of an eventual decision to disable that blue spy info crack feature if that solution is thought to be better but, in that case, some creative alternative should be done.

    First, I congratulate the devs for the mobile launch.

    With above being said, there are some issues with the real location of units. It's weird to see a raingun in the sea when it's in a determinated, but overcrowded, point in the map.

    Unfortunately, wars aren't fought in staff officers' posts, but on terrain. There is where it counts.

    And that returns back to my statement about Legacy being just a upgraded RISK board, not a well-conceived WWI representation. Legacy is good today by playability, because in other aspects, it was well outdated.


    makes more sense to build military and conquer simcity than build simcity and be conquered

    ultraoff- 90% ress into military

    I am guessing that swapping position of red and blue bar will solve the thing. looks like someone forgot to run final test after finishing codding ;-)

    Remember that only PvP military fights are scored (including Elite AI), so, it's possible to have economical score higher than military one.

    You have your way of quoting, I have mine. 8)

    I don't know NGA Planets, but if that game would go under a similar revamp, it would be aesthetically better a 3D rockets than 2D ones. And since this discussion is clearly aesthetic, then it's pretty obvious the units' changes are pantagruellian and sums up to a big WWI environment.

    I don't know CoW either, but here I assume (considering the recurrent comments about that) Bytro wants to uniform their games under a same design. Of course, that policy have pros and cons but, IMHO, as far as they wants to improve the game in a way where there is a WWI feeling, that should be enough.

    As I said, nobody is telling you TGW is easier for the players to use than Legacy, but, from visuals, the new map is already an great improvement against the old one.


    hahahahahaha :))))))))))))) bring memory back to support ticket way back [#ERH-621725]: [Bytro-Moderator] 2523055: [Bug Report]: no city no units . The new is super great huh?

    Yes, and a bug in the log in don't give you a right. ;)