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    Let's say the main difference between S1 and S1914 is the former looks to represent The Great War more faithfully by offering a variety of combat units, which belong to types better against some types and worser against others while also considering terrain.

    In some sense, you get the trench warfare more in that game... Besides, at the moment, there is little to none diplomacy.

    Only here to say people in chat has been seen more satisfied than disturbed with the addition of sound in the game, since some people had been asking it, looking for an inmersion into the matches.

    However, I don't deny the fact that, when you have sites like YouTube and Spotify, a soundtrack created by Bytro enters to compete in disadvantage. I think, nonetheless, that's a good option.

    On the other side, I totally support the addition of SFX to the game, that helps with the inmersion aforementioned.

    I'm not an expert in graphic systems and other related experiences, but I know many sites that looks to create products that estimulate people's senses as many as possible. If they could, they'd create features to also have the senses of tact, smell and flavor stimulated, besides sight and hearing. While I agree, in someway, with Salzz and Furry1 that sound in sites is so 80's I also remember the best sound archive available in that era was Chiptune.


    Hello fellers i came up with an idea with the 500 player map and turning that into a different style where all nations are not broken down but all nations full again with there empires and everything the reason is the map is a perfect size for it because of the amount of provinces the map contains and also not everyone in the 500 player wants to rebuild there nations very few do and if you were to do so it would take a long time and skill because you would 100% run into someone better than you i hope this mode comes to the game eventually it would be the map i'd play for good what do you guy's think

    That's called "100 player map"

    - Supremacy 1914

    - Supremacy 1


    - Hattrick

    - eRepublik (and a lot of similar games. each one worse than the former)

    - Pro Evolution 2009

    I have all the collection of Age of Empire until III... and I can't play with them because I don't have computer suited for those.

    And well, the Marios from Nintendo, Super Nintendo and many games for Play Station

    Even mercenaries are gone once a war is over. That didn't happen with troops trade: once traded, those troops were yours forever.

    You continue quoting a lot of examples that doesn't really fit with the concept used for troops trading. The closer thing for that are soldiers serving for more than one army or serving for a foreign army (Adolf Hitler, Lauri Törni, Alpo Martinnen). What's more, the closest thing are the Foreign Legions (French, Spanish, etc.) but, again, recruits didn't arrive by government orders nor have their nationality stripped (although some countries did establish that rule) nor had any problem to retire from those armies once their service was made.

    I guess we can ban trading infs, but all other units should be tradable

    simple bolean ( is inf or not) will do :-)

    Demonaire happy with his arguments while we have what we need to stop cheaters

    No, because, as I explained Furry (explanation he couldn't understand), you not only trade armaments: you also trade the operators.

    And coming back to the mechanical issues (the ones matters more here whatsoever), I repeat what I said before: features aren't made for the ones who break the rules, but the ones who follow them, and there is no way to avoid the cheaters also use troops trade. And about that, I could argue those cheaters made a better work using that troops trade than you, considering devs prefered to ban that trade instead of using it to fight against cheaters.