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    Thanks for the atention and informations Mr.Dutch, i just want to make it clear to the other players that i was not cheating in the game. I made friends in that game and don't want they to think that i am not trustworthy. I just spied on my own country. My mistake.

    GameID - 2653492
    Currency - goldmark
    Action - Expert Spy Mission in Strasburg Country Information
    Amount - 50.00 Goldmark

    Guys, for my surprise i woke up today banned from the game #6. I was in the France and after all the struggle i made to be alive (some players on the game can confirm that) i woke up with the game open and the message saying i was banned from the game, the message from Mr Dutch sayng it was due to Goldmark usage.

    Maybe i slept with the phone on my hand and clicked on the GM button i don't know (the only explanation i found), fact is how i will know what happened, i just want to know where the GM was spended, maybe it was some nonsense use of it, proving that it was unintentionally. How i will prove that?

    Why Bytro don't block the use of GM in games like this?

    If i can't get back to the game, stay alert, don't sleep with the game open, just stupid to get out of the game like this. :rolleyes:

    Ps. Sorry for the bad english.