Sharing office VPN

  • Hey guys,

    A colleague and I have been playing for a month or so now. We both share an office and use the same VPN - we are based in China and a VPN is an absolute must.

    We started getting messages about sharing the same network with another user, and just now I got a message saying I had received warning 1 of 2. Moments later, my colleague was blocked from one of our games.

    How can we re-enable the game, and stop this from happening in the future? Is there a way to prove that we are using different pc's or even different people? Something different photo ID's, MAC addresses, etc?

    I understand the need for anti-cheat systems (particularly games like this) but there must be a way to prove the difference between a British and French guy sitting next to each other in the same office (working very hard, obviously! ;))

  • I just want to add a couple of things: I've now been blocked from two games, one of which I've been playing for three weeks and on the brink of victory ;(;(

    Also, I don't know if it's an issue, but VPN's work by routinely changing the exposed IP address; otherwise the VPN's themselves would get blocked by the Great Firewall... so basically, setting our IP to allow multiple users would work for a while, until it changed again.